Writing Exercise on Procedural OR Distributive Justice

Writing Exercise on Procedural OR Distributive JusticeOrder DescriptionAnswers one of the following two questions, either the first one, on procedural justice, or the second one, on distributive justice.Procedural JusticeThink of an actor in the justice system who interacts directly with the public. For example, a police officer, detective, defense attorney, prosecutor, victim/witness advocate, court officer, judge, court clerk, probation or parole officer, correctional officer, etc. Then describe a typical hypothetical interaction that actor may have with a member of the public, and discuss how the actor can behave in a way that implements the four elements of procedural justice. Don’t just name the four elements; name them and describe behavior that illustrates each of them. Don’t use any examples given in class; make up your own. NO POLICE TRAFFIC STOPS!!ORDistributive JusticeYou go out to dinner with a group of friends. Some are students living hand-to-mouth, others have graduated and have good jobs with handsome paychecks. Some order more items or more expensive items than others. What do you do when the check comes?1. Describe three methods of paying the bill that illustrate the three possible principles of distributive justice, and name each principle.2. Then say which method you think is most reasonable, and why.

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