Our Writers


Tons of applications are sent to us from all around the world from people who want to work with us as freelance writers.  But only few of these applicants are successful. We have tough requirements that many applicants are not able to meet. We have put several measures in place to ensure that only the most qualified writers join our team. Foremost, we administer a series of test to determine proficiency in the English language. We then test the potential writer’s ability to use peer-reviewed resources such as peer-reviewed journals. The final test involves the ability to write in the commonly required academic writing formats including APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago and Harvard. Timely delivery of work is core to our service. As such, we administer a writing sample that the writer that the writer has to complete within a set time-limit. From the writing sample, we are in position to determine the writer’s research skills and ability to write within a tight deadline. It is vital that our writers are able to write high-quality papers quickly, since some of our clients have urgent orders. Our writers also have to have in-depth knowledge in their areas of specialization.

Quality control is very important to us. We have to ensure that our writer’s abilities remain in top form. . It is important that our writers remain good at their work if our company is to maintain its reputation.  To ensure that our writers remain sharp, we continually assess their progress. For proper assessment, our Evaluation Department examines pages that are randomly chosen from recent orders completed by the writers. Due to the random nature of our selection, the writers have to ensure that all their work is up to the required standard. Furthermore, we give our writers monthly tests to re-examine their writing, language and formatting skills. Our clients are also encouraged to rate the services offered by our writers. We rate our writers based on several criteria aided by the comments left by our clients and the assessment by our evaluation team.

The locations of our writers

The greatest thing about online freelance writing is the ability to work from anywhere in the world, provided one has access to the Internet. All one needs is a computer, an Internet connection and competent academic writing skills. As such, we are in a position to employ writers from across the globe. We have writers from across the world but many of them hail from the United States, the UK, and Canada. It is important that the writers demonstrate proficiency in the English language, with strong writing and reading skills. The writers also need to have access to databases of peer-reviewed journals. Apart from having access to these databases, they must also demonstrate competence in using the journals for academic writing. The writer must also demonstrate knowledge of diverse information sources, not only textbooks and journals.

It is imperative that they are competent enough to write quality scholarly papers for all academic levels: high school, college and graduate levels, including Master’s and PhD. Though we have non-native English-Speakers in our writing team, a client is in a position to request a native English speaker by selecting the option given on the order form. Whether native English speaker or not, our writers must demonstrate the ability to write international standard academic papers. They must also demonstrate knowledge in diverse areas of study. We are, however, committed to ensuring client satisfaction. As such, we allocate a writer according to the client’s preference. Delivery of high quality academic papers is our aim. We continually pursue client satisfaction.