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Write an overview of the pathophysiology of Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease

You will select a chronic disease (I CHOSE COPD- Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease) of interest to you and write a paper giving an overview of the pathophysiology of this disease, as well as its effect on other organ systems. You will also review one piece of patient education on this disease (this may be taken from an appropriate organization’ s website or other source) and evaluate it for cultural & literacy appropriateness. (please note that the paper will checked for originality using SafeAssign, our online plagiarism checker).

Overview of the chronic disease paper- TOPIC COPD

(Health Assessment class:)

The chronic disease paper will consist of the following sections:

– Introduction – Overview of the pathophysiology of your selected disease (COPD)

– Overview of the effect of the disease on organ system #1 (select an organ system separate from the primary disease process – so if you’re using COPD, don’t discuss the respiratory system – this will be covered in the pathophysiology part above).

– Overview of the effect of the disease on organ system #2 (again,select an organ system separate from the primary disease process).

– Patient education – you will select a patient education handout from a reliable source – you do not need to create your own! So, for hypertension, you might go to the American Heart Association and find a good handout that relates to your topic – for chronic kidney disease,you might look at the National Kidney Foundation – you get the picture. You will review it for cultural and literacy appropriateness, based on the information you’ve learned in the class. You’ll need to include the SMOG score as well – you can use any online calculator/tool to get the SMOG score – there are dozens available just by typing “SMOG score” into any search engine.

– Summary

– APA format. This meanstitle page, page numbers, references, running head, double spaced text, properly formatted headings/references/citations. Purdue OWL is my all-time favorite APA reference. Go to: to start, then navigate through the tabs on the left-hand side to see how to format anything and everythingaccording to APA style

Textbook we using in the class:


Estes, M.E. (2014). Health Assessment and Physical Examination, 5

th Ed. ISBN-13: 9781133610939

GENERAL EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: Earning and “A” The “A” grade will be assigned if the paper/assignment demonstrates a clear understanding of the elements of the assignment. For example, questions or required elements are discussed, and they are easily located in perusing the paper/assignment.

—- The paper/assignment is well organized, sub headed if appropriate, concise and grammatically correct. The reader is able to clearly distinguish between fact, theory and opinion because the writer never presents opinion as fact or theory and references theory when appropriate.

—– In short, the assignment is pleasurable to read because it flows easily from one part to another, imaginatively applies concepts or theories, demonstrates the insights or struggles of the writer, and is relevant to leadership in a practice profession.

—-An “A” paper/assignment is especially novel and pregnant with potential for further refinement and development. Further, the thoughts and ideas expressed connect the writer to the reader; i.e., the reader feels that he/she knows the writer better than before.

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