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Write an essay on a current social issue of your choice .

Social Problems Paper Instructions For this paper, you are to write a paper of at least 750 words that relates to ONE of the sociological theories reviewed in this course: symbolic interactionism, class conflict theory, or functional analysis. Any citation used must adhere to current APA format. Complete the following for the Social Problems Paper: • Write an essay on a current social issue of your choice such as: homelessness, gang violence, the feminism of poverty, the culture of poverty, teen pregnancy, abortion, etc. • The first portion of the assignment must address the magnitude of the issue with valid data and sources. You may use personal observations or examples in your writing as well. Discuss the topic in reference to how society and the church each address the issue and how each provides or does not provide support. Give data to what is being done using sources. You may also use your observations of society and the church and they must be very detailed (approximately 500 words). You must use the textbook and outside sources. • In the last part of the assignment, you are to analyze the issue using ONE of the 3 main sociological theories discussed in this course (approximately 250 words). You must apply and reference your textbook. This paper must include a cover page in current APA format. This assignment will be submitted through SafeAssign in order to check for plagiarism and the validity of work. Refer to the grading rubric for specific grading criteria. Word count is to be noted on each assignment. • YOU MUST REFERENCE YOUR TEXTBOOK CONCEPTS. • Due Date: This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5 Just wanted to be sure everyone is clear about formal writing in papers. Please make sure you follow these guidelines: • Double space • Need a cover page and Reference (work cited) page. • 1″ margins on all sides • Times New Roman, 12 pt font • URLs are NOT complete references on the work cited page! • Apply the concepts you learned from the textbook • do NOT use wikipedia,,,, etc. Use good reputable sources. . 4 cited resources which should include the text book on (Basirico, L. A. (2012). Introduction to sociology – Study guide (5th ed.). Redding, CA: BVT Publishing. ISBN: 9781602297791.)

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