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Write an analysis about population situation in Canada.

Create a 10-15 minute e-presentation summarizing your analysis of the population situation in a nation of your choice (other than your home nation) and your predictions regarding this nation’s future as related to human population. In preparing your presentation consider population biology concepts, the nation’s demographics ( may be a useful

resource; the Data Finder feature may be a place to start.), and the “demographic transition.” Your presentation should focus on the nation’s present and future relative to human population, although you may need to include some mention of the past. Please try to make your presentation as current as possible by not using information more than five years old unless you are making an historical point. You will share your presentation electronically, so it must be self-explanatory. Consider creating a video or a Power Point presentation with audio voice over. Be creative and don’t overwhelm your viewer with too much text on the screen/slides; use images (graphs, charts, maps, photos) to help convey your meaning. You can just do the PowerPoint presentation and based on the presentation I will add my voice over it to cover the Voice Over requirement of the presentation

This is super important as I had this same project ordered with you guys and it was not satisfactory so pay close attention to the following comments as it comes from my instructor

Susan, your population project contains much demographic information about Canada and is well organized. Population biology concepts, though, are those we discussed at the residency and are covered early in the textbook, including biotic potential, environmental resistance, carrying capacity, J-curve, and S-curve. When creating a presentation with Power Point, use the slides to illustrate your talk. The content of the slides should be mostly images (pictures, graphs, charts etc.). Also, do not read from your slides when using Power Point in a presentation. You seem to understand the demographic transition and the importance of a population’s age structure with regard to impacts on a nation’s economy and have provided a substantive overview of Canada’s population situation in your project.

Please make sure you use Population biology concepts, including biotic potential, environmental resistance, carrying capacity, J-curve, and S-curve.

Please make sure the presentation is not too wordy, it needs to be more visual and use a lot of charts, graphs, images to make it more powerful. You can include a separate word document for my review so I can put voice over my presentation but I do not want to see a lot of texts on this presentation, but want to see more visual images.

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