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Write about mass communication.

Paper (25%) You will write ONE paper about mass communication. Once you have chosen your topic, you should select a journal article from within that topic. The journal article options are all posted on my website. Read the article you chose and write a paper. The paper will have two main sections (please use the headings that I have in my example paper):

1) Summarize the study you read. Describe their hypothesis, the procedure, main findings, and the authors’ interpretation of those findings (in the past tense). If your chosen article includes multiple studies, just select the one study that is most relevant to your proposal. You do not need to summarize all of the studies. It is critical that this summary is in your own words. Do not quote from the article. Using text from the article will result in academic dishonesty procedures. This section is likely to be approximately one page. When you refer to the authors of the study, just use their last names.

2) Propose a follow-up study which is written in the future tense. The complete description of your follow-up study should be approximately 1.5 pages. In the “Prediction” section you should clearly explain what you predict across each of your different conditions and why you have that prediction (briefly review which main finding from the original study backs up your prediction). The “Method” section will have two subsections. In the “Participants” subsection you should describe your sample. In the “Procedure” subsection you should clearly explain the procedure you are proposing to test your prediction. Be sure that your conditions and measures are easy to understand. This should involve different conditions from the original study and different measures. Finally the “Anticipated Results” section of the paper describes the outcomes you expect across all conditions – and why you expect to find that outcome. The outcome you predict should be something new and different compared to the original study.

Your paper should be clear and concise — use a professional tone. Please see the due dates for each section on the course calendar (due by 11:45 pm on your due date). You must keep track of your own due date. Late papers will not be accepted. There is an example paper on Moodle for you to use as a guide. There is also a grading rubric posted on Moodle. Please refer to the grading rubric as you draft your paper and make sure that each component of the grading rubric is included. Your paper must be submitted as a Word or RTF document on Moodle. I will use plagiarism detection software to ensure that all papers are original.

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