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Write about international business in Qatar or AUE or Saudi

To prepare for this 500 words please not more : write about if you can ( Qatar or AUE or Saudi or Jordan example or both or all ) the references according to Harvard

If you have any more details .please add it in part B, because I want just 500 words only with out reference.
International business strategies

This week you will discover that there are many elements that need to be considered by an organisation heading into the international business environment and that good preparation and planning are critical elements for success.
In working out your response to the essay 5 , you should research the topic from the text, suggested readings and your own independent research on the topic. Also, choose examples from your own experience or find appropriate cases on the web that you can discuss. Credit will be given for references you make to relevant examples from real companies.

For this essay 5 you will analyse the strategies available for business in an international business environment. You will also evaluate strategies used by organisations to gather appropriate data.

Consider the choices to be made to maximise opportunities for success.
The role of data collection methods

Organisations need good information to make good decisions when moving into the international business environment.
What are the strategies for gathering the sort of information that is needed to make those good decisions?
What are the issues associated with this data collection?
How do successful companies overcome the problems?
In this essay 5 you will engage in a further exploration of the strategies used by organisations to gather appropriate data. \
You will also analyse the role and dangers of data collection methods available to organisations in international business.

Reflect on the role and dangers of data collection methods available to organisations in international business.

According to tittle and the idea create 6 Questions and answers with 2 references for each questions and exampes in real life please
Please do not repeat any information you write it before in any parts or any Questions above.
If you want you can use this References below and try to add more refreace according to country you going to choose,thanks

• Rugman, A. & Collinson, S. (2012) International business [Online]. New York: Pearson. (Accessed 12 January 2015).
Chapter 8, ‘Multinational strategy’ (pp.241-271)
Chapter 9, ‘Organizing strategy’ (pp.272-299)
Chapter 10, ‘Corporate strategy and national competitiveness’ (pp.300-330)
Chapter 11, ‘Innovation, entrepreneurship, and “born global” firms’ (pp.330-360)
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