Write about how Americans lived in the 20th century.

This is for my take-home final exam, and I am really stuck to build the thesis statement and write the paper in general.

The prompt for this paper is that:
Vaclav Havel describes how ordinary people had to “live with a lie” rather than “live in truth” under their communist governments. This essay asks you to apply Havel’s terms to the United States in the 20th century. WERE AMERICANS REQUIRED TO “LIVE WITH A LIE” OR COULD THEY “LIVE IN TRUTH” DURING THE 20TH CENTURY? Either way, what in your view was the most important lie or truth Americans oriented themselves to? Before arriving at your conclusion, you may want to consider whether Americans became more or less truthful over time, whether some Americans were more truthful than others, whether Americans were more likely to live a lie at specific points during the century, etc.
*For this one, I was thinking that Americans were more likely to live a lie at Great Migration in the 20th century, but I don’t know the reason why. So I am stuck with this reason!–so this is my thesis statement!*

The Continue of the prompt:
Your essay must make a claim about how Americans lived in the 20th century. I.e. it must have a thesis that somehow appropriates Havel’s distinction.

This paper has to be 4 page long and is no need for work cited with 1.5 spacing, instead of double spacing. And this paper is being asked to write a paper, not cut and paste together long quotes from the online readings. Write your own voice and don’t use any direct quotations from the readings unless there is a clear reason for it.

I will post the Vaclav Havel online version if you want to look and support this paper. Other than that, please find any 4 sources about the Great Migration.

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