Write about gothic literature genrally and how is it used in stories and poems and then am going to give you two stories and a poem

this paper is about fiction
i want you to write about gothic literature first you talk about it genrally and how is it used in stories and poems and then am going to give you two stories and a poem i want you write how is gothic literature used in all of these plus i want you to find two article from a website am going to give you its the library website one article about gothic literature in general and then the second one about one the stories and what people say about it in the article and how is related to my paper
also the poem am going to give you i want you to use it in the paper too this paper is really important and please if you have any questions before you start let me know i don’t really have time to revise it again and again i need it done by the due date

am going to give you the website and the login information for the library so you can find the articles and please dont start the paper till you show me the articles you chose remember its two articles

the stories are “A Rose for Emily http://resources.mhs.vic.edu.au/creating/downloads/A_Rose_for_Emily.pdf
and The Tell-Tale Heart http://www.vincentianacademy.org/ourpages/auto/2015/3/3/54989284/The%20Tell-Tale%20Heart%20-%20Edgar%20Allan%20Poe.pdf
the poem is the ghost story and thats the link for it http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/sting/ghoststory.html

the sources are
the poem
the two stories
and the two articles

the last thing am going to attach two papers
the first one gives you directions about how to write the paper
the second one what the professor want in the paper please reaad them carefully before you do anything

please send me a messege if you can do it and what are the articles you chose before we do anything

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