Write about cyber crime and computer forensics:

1) Read My Post (my post doc. File)
2) Please provide a discussion post to the following work. You need to defend the position of the work below pertaining to “my post”.
3)Use U.S sources only

The following assignment is to defend the posted challenges:

1)The information in the personal email account (yes I acknowledge the personal account should not have been accessed) should not have been accessed since it falls under attorney client privilege. It does not matter if the company was being sued. This is breaking the law – no gray area there.

2)Would there be a difference if the company had a policy in place clearly defining the employee use policy that indicated that all company computers were subject to internal monitoring? In that case I am wondering if the client-attorney privilege trumps the company policies. I think that would definitely fall into the gray area and as both sides would most likely contend that they were acting in an ethical manner.

3)I also agree it was unethical for his employers to access his personal email. The fact that it was open on his computer does not change the matter. It is not any less illegal to steal a car with it’s keys in it that is running that it is to steal a parked and locked car. It is an easier crime to commit much like the employer looking at his personal email. But whether they hacked into his account or just viewed it on his computer it is still a private account and he should reasonably expect that it would remain so.

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