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Write about cyber crime and computer forensics: Email Privacy (M5AB)

1) Read Assignment doc. file
2) Please provide a discussion post to the following work. You need to challenge the position of the work below pertaining to the principles used in the fulfilled assignment answer.
3)Use U.S sources only

The following assignment is to challenge the following:

“Some company have policies that state all email, no matter company or personal account, are the property of the company. Depending on what his company policy states it would not be unethical for the investigators or the human resources department to view the emails on the open monitor. It wold however be unethical for them to view the correspondence between the ex-employee and his legal firm. There would be a had a reasonable expectation of privacy in emails sent to attorneys over an employer-owned laptop, but using a personal, password-protected online email account. This also begs the question if he was terminated, the IT team would have collected and powered off his computer as he was being walked out the door.

As an investigator you are required to unbiased to the evidence and to the group/agency who hired you. Currently there is a need for professional ethics in digital forensics. The evidence is just that, and it should be processed without prejudice.

There is currently a “Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct” from the Digital Forensics Certification Board that covers the expected behavior for forensic specialists. Due to the sensitive nature of their position and the items they have the potential to be exposed to there will always be a need to be as professional as possible. These standards of the ethics behavior should looked upon as serious as you would the doctors Hippocratic oath or ones taken by law professionals.

Recent behavior by members of the military who post offensive items on social media. Recently, Dec 2014, an Army sergeant confronted military personnel who were posting and making comments about a post on facebook.


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