Write about advances practice nurses scope of practice in the state of Texas.

Relevant policy background: (No more than 1 page) What does the literature say about the topic? Are there already laws concerning the issue? What is the status of current legislation and/or regulation?
Stakeholders: (No more than 1 page) Which political actors are involved in the issue? Are there members of state or federal legislature who are champions for the issue? Who supports and who is in opposition? What about key interest groups and coalitions? Individual voters?
Policy Recommendation: (one or two paragraphs) What do you suggest be done about it? Be clear if it should be addressed at the local, state, or federal level. For example, if you were addressing APRN scope of practice, this would be a state-level issue. What are you recommending that the state do to address the issue, and why is it important to do so?
Influence Strategy: (Should be 2-3 pages) How will you move your policy forward? For example, if your policy recommendation is to ensure a particular piece of legislation is passed, who should you be contacting? What players can you identify who would help your case? Will you be focused on inside or outside strategies?
Action Plan: (Should be 2-3 pages) What are the steps you need to take to engage the public, legislators, nurses, and other stakeholders in supporting your policy? You may choose to initiate a letter-writing campaign on a particular piece of legislation using social networking or host a briefing at the state capitol to raise awareness of your particular issue. The action plan can be multifaceted, but it is important to make sure you explain why you have chosen these strategies and how effective you feel they will be when implemented.

References and cover page are not included as part of this number.
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References and cover page are not included as part of the 8 page paper.

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