write a thesis-driven analytical essay about one of the graphic novels : Watchmen, Blankets, American born Chinese, or shortcomings

For this essay,i will need write a thesis-driven analytical essay about graphic novel. “Persepolis”.
This essay should be an argument, in the sense that the thesis is an arguable claim.
So the thesis for the essay is arguing when people face the conflict between their dreams and the society traditions, should they still insist their dream or follow the tradition. I need write this point with some details from the book in order to support it.

For your first formal essay, you will write a thesis-driven analytical essay about one of the graphic novels from the first half of our course: Watchmen, Blankets, American Born Chinese, or Shortcomings.

Consider the book carefully and write an essay arguing for a specific interpretation of the book. What ideas do you see coming through in the story? How do the art and text work together to present these ideas to a reader? Use specific examples from the work to support your view. Consider the factors discussed in Understanding Comics (transitions between panels; expressing different emotions and values through the artistic style; presentation of time; emphasis on images, words, or both; etc.) and analyze the way your chosen graphic novel uses those techniques to present ideas to the reader.

Your specific focus is up to you, but spend time working on a solid thesis that explores a focused topic. This type of literary analysis essay should not be about a value judgment of the work (whether you like it or not, whether it is good or bad), but about your reading of the text and interpretation of its ideas.

This essay should be an argument, in the sense that your thesis is an arguable claim. That means that reasonable people should be able to disagree about the interpretation you present. For instance, “Watchmen presents superhero characters in a new way” is not an arguable claim because people generally will not disagree with that statement. Instead, a solid thesis statement may present a position on how and why Watchmen presents superhero characters in a new way.

Basic Requirements
• MLA citation style (you are not required to use any sources outside of course texts for this essay, but when you quote, paraphrase, or describe a visual, use MLA style, and include a Works Cited page)
• 12 pt. font (Times New Roman or similar)
• 1” margins
• double-spaced, printed on one side a page
• 3 – 5 pages total length

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