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Write a research paper on a prominent psychologist.

This is a research paper for History of Psychology. It is a 400 level course. The person I am supposed to write the paper about is Noam Chomsky.
Here is some information about him:



Professor’s descriptions about the paper:
** Write a research paper on a prominent psychologist. The paper must include 3 of the psychologist’s original research articles and a review article from another source highlighting the work of this psychologist. All together you have to have 4 articles.

Noam Chomsky’s first article “Morphophonemics of Modern Hebrew.” Master’s thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 1951
This is his thesis article, I am not interested in this article, therefore, don’t want to include it, but you can have a look at it if you want to.

These are the articles that I want you to use: Please read them carefully because you have to write the entire paper on these articles.

First Article: “Systems of Syntactic Analysis” by Noam Chomsky:
This is his second published research paper.

Second: “Logical Syntax and Semantics: Their Linguistic Relevance” by Noam Chomsky:

Third: “Linguistics and Brain Science” by Noam Chomsky;
Although I am supposed to choose one of his later works, but I have chosen this one because recently Chomsky writes about politics and I wanted to base my paper mostly on his linguistic works. Therefore, I chose this paper that he has written in 2000.

Fourth, Review Article:


In the paper, you have to state all the information about Noam Chomsky; where was he born, what did he study, what schools did he go to. What is his theory (generative grammar) and what does he want to prove with it. What are his works about the theory and so on. I have chosen three articles about his research, let me know if they work well for the paper, if not then you can choose something that works. The professor is very hard, he expects us to write a PHD paper whereas we are just B.A students; this is the reason why I am posting this assignment to you. Please make sure the paper is really good, at the same time, be realistic about it. What I mean by realistic is that, although my professor wants a PHD paper, I don’t want him to think that I made someone else write the paper, so please be careful and be smart with it. The articles that I chose, have to connect with each other so make sure you talk about how they resemble his work. Also, talk about the review article and why you have chosen the article. In all, talk about why you have chosen all four articles (this is very important). Thanks!
Good Luck and let me know if you need anything or if you want to make any changes with the chosen articles.

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