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Write a research on sex trafficking in Cambodia

** Use outside sources (but they have to be the academic references, not like new paper or magazines) with proper citation. The writer does not need to use the textbook I mentioned from the previous order. At least 7 academic resources have to be used for the paper.
**I need the writer to narrow his/her thoughts and ideas about topic and make a decent argument backed by the proper academic references. And putting the thoughts and ideas in the thesis and conclusion parts.
** I will upload the guideline for this paper and this doesn’t have to be based on the previous order (proposal paper for the final)
** I will also upload the comments from my TA and grades from the previous order so that the writer can think what’s wrong and come up with better work.

** I got a B- from the previous order and i think it’s because the topic is quite broad and they (professor and TA) want the paper to narrow down as much as it can be. So, I chose the topic with specific country which is “sex trafficking in Cambodia.” So please research it and start writing with the excellent academic resources you find. I highly recommend “Half the sky” which is a great book dealing with the trafficking and sex trafficking. It shows many countries and i think it can help to understand the topic. Also, there’s Youtube clip about the book you can watch. It doesn’t have to be Cambodia, it can be any specific country as long as it has the best academic references. The writer can change the country if he/she wants.

** I also upload the previous order just in case the writer needs.
Thanks and I will look forward to get the best work like you did on the previous order.

the writer can change the country. Only reason I put the specific country for this research paper is that I was recommended to have a specific country. That’s why I put the country Cambodia, but if the writer thinks other alternative, he/she can change.

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