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Write a market research report for Swansea University’s wholefoods

I need you to write a plan, just one page A4 and focus on the introduction and the section titles and objectives.
the question is below:

Q: Case Study Swansea Universitys Wholefoods
As part of the plans to become more environmentally friendly, Swansea Universitys Campus has invited Wholefoods to open a shop on campus selling food which are healthy alternatives. This supermarket will have a wider range of organic and healthier food choices.

Important Note: This is a fictitious case and you should not contact the company to get information regarding this coursework.

The Estates Manager of Swansea University wants to get an insight into the general health concern of students, as well as their attitudes and behaviour towards buying healthy food. The primary purpose of the online survey was to ascertain students favourite lunchtime foods, what students take into account when buying food on campus for their lunch, their general concern for their health, the emotions evoked when they eat healthier food, and their behavioural intention of buying their lunch from the shop in future. In December 2015, a questionnaire was mailed to a random sample of 1,000 students from Swansea University. To increase the return rate, a small prize draw of vouchers for Campus Catering was used. A total of 309 responses were received.

The data analysis section of your research report should provide the following information:
1.Provide a short demographic profile including gender, age and level of study of respondents.

2.Analyse the data obtained from Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5 and Q6 provide the key findings for the survey using descriptive statistics only (e.g. frequencies, means).

3.Using chi-square tests, analyse whether demographics (i.e. gender, level of study, age) have any significant effects on students favourite lunchtime food (Q1).

4.Carry out three factor analyses separately for the following variables: health concern (all items of Q3), emotions (all items of Q7), and behavioural intentions (all items of Q8). Interpret and name the new factors and test the reliability for each new factor. Report the results for these. Compute a new variable for each factor using the mean (e.g. means calculated for the new factors) for further analysis.

5.Using independent samples t-tests analyse whether gender and level of study has any significant effect on behavioural intention (the new factor computed for Q8 variables in task 4). Then using an ANOVA test analyse whether age has any significant effect on behavioural intention. Note: use the new factor for behavioural intention computed for task 4.

6.Using the factors you created in task 4, perform regression analysis to see if there is there a possibility to predict behavioural intention based on emotions and health concern. If there is, how good is the prediction? What is a better predictor of behavioural intention emotions or health concern?

Notes on Style
The length limit for each of assignment plans is one side of A4 paper, with not smaller than 12-point font. Section headings and bullet points are acceptable the plan does not have to be written in prose. References should be inserted as footnotes.

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