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Write a historiographical essay on gender and/or race in colonial Latin America.

Historiographical essay on Gender and/or Race in Colonial Latin America.

The topic is required to be on Gender and/or Race in Colonial Latin America. Please note Colonial (1500s – 1800).

These are the instructions provided by the profesor.

It is an analytical essay in which the author has a main thesis or message that serves as a focus for integrating discussion of the examined works and present clear conclusions on the analysis of such works. In this sense, in a historiographical essay must go beyond reading and summarizing works. It is necessary to make a global analysis of them to abstract conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses in the study of a particular topic.

Format for submission of work

1. The essay must integrate at least four (4) works on the subject chosen. They can be articles or books. [The maximum number of works you want to integrate is open.]

2. The paper should have a maximum of twelve (12) and a minimum of eight (8) pages typewriter or computer. No work will be accepted manuscript.

3. The first sheet (not counted as part of 8-12 pp.) should contain the name of the student or the delivery date, the class name and the title chosen. The title must announce to some extent the focus of the work.

4. The work must be written in essay form in a way that integrates the discussion of the aforementioned works, instead of presenting them one after the other without establishing links between them.

5. Please include page numbers.

Elements that should be included in the paper.

1. Introduction: presents the topic or focus of the essay and what will be done throughout the essay.

2. Body of essay: Develops a discussion and analysis of the arguments of the chosen articles. Arguments can be sustained by indirect or direct references to the works read and analyzed. References should be incorporated to essay in an appropriate manner, indicating the source of the reference using footnotes.

3. Conclusion: Presents in a clear and synthesized manner the conclusions reached after having analyzed the works read. In this section it should be stated clearly what is your position on the issues discussed and why.

4. Bibliography: Listed in alphabetical order (last names). (It does not count as a page of the 8 page minimum)


**I will be attaching the Bibliography provided on the course syllabus for ease of research. Any 4 articles listed there for reference use will do, although academic references outside of these can be used.

** I will also attach an article review I wrote of one of the articles in case it might be useful. I’ve translated it in a hurry into English so forgive any mistakes.

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