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Write a case study as a research paper about a company�s adoption of information technology (IT) as a solution to a problem or as a strategic goal.

You will write a case study as a research paper about a company�s adoption of information technology (IT) as a solution to a problem or as a strategic goal. This will require the use of the library online databases (e.g. ProQuest ABI/Inform), the Internet, and the company�s website, etc. The details about the make-up and requirements of the paper are listed below.
Using MS PowerPoint, you will make a presentation on the project.
The format will follow the outline of the content of your project.
4) Outline of the Content and Style of the Case Study
a) Style
i) Length
� 15 pages double-spaced of content
o Not counting title page, abstract, references, appendices (if applicable), etc.
� I cannot read past the specified number of pages of content
o Page numbers must show on the page right after your title page
� Font type can be any type
o Font size must be 12 point (nothing less than 12 please) for text
� Margins
o Top and bottom: 1 inch
o Right and left: 1 inch
ii) Visual Aides
� Tables, graphs, or other visual aides must enhance your case study.
iii) Citation style
� Any style is fine. APA is recommended.
b) Outline of the Content
iii) Abstract
� Start this section on a new page.
� Title of the case
� Abstract (100-150 words)
o A short overview of the company, its problems, and any attempted solutions.
o This is a summary of the paper (or equivalent to an �Executive Summary.�)
o The Abstract section should be the last section you write.
� Keywords (3-5 words)
iv) First Page of Content: Introduction
� Start counting pages of content from here
� Industry background
� This should be brief and does not need to be as detailed as shown in the sample case study
� Description of the company�s business
� Motivating factors
o What changed?
o Problem statement
� You must articulate (in the form of a question) at least one problem that the company is facing.
� Your case in turn will revolve or focus on how the company adopted IT as a solution to this problem or as a strategic goal.
� Once you figure out this step, you will unlock your entire case study.
v) Description of Study
� This provides a general overview or synopsis of what your case is about.
o This section should serve as a transition between the Introduction and Solution sections.
� What is your premise?
vi) Solution
� Strategy for change
 What strategic steps did the company undertake to solve the problem(s)?
� Role of technology
 How did IT play a part in the solution?
� Implementation
 How was the solution carried out to solve the problem(s)?
vii) Outcomes
� What went right?
� What went wrong (if any)?
o What was the response?
viii) Lessons Learned
� Specifics to the company or situation
� Transferable (generalizable) to other companies / managers
ix) Conclusion
� One paragraph.
� Should be on the last page of content.
� This ends counting your pages of content.
x) References
� You must have at least ten and different types of sources of information (citations) listed in the references section here and cited in your text. These may be journal articles, books, web sites, etc.
o Different means that all cannot be just web sites.
� Each source must be appropriately cited, showing the name of the author, journal/book title, publication date, etc. You may use any citation style. (APA is recommended).
o Search Google for �Citation Styles� or �APA Style.�
o For example,
Johonson, J. (2015). Ways to understand trade. Business Journal, 37, 120-150.
o Coleman library styles guides:
� When you cite a source in your text that corresponds to a listed source in your references section, you must put the ideas in your own words and properly credit the source. For example,
o Analysts reported a surge of online activity in 2015 (Johnson, 2015).
o Alternatively, you may put the information in quotes with the proper citation. For example, �The increase in sales was due to market trends� (Johnson, 2015, p. 2).
5) Sources of Information
a) Coleman Library
� Off-campus Access (from home or work)
� Online Databases (Business)
� The following databases give full-text articles in journals and newspapers, using multiple search criteria (such as keywords, subjects, etc.)
� Includes Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, etc.
� Click on the �Advanced Search� tab and refine your search using a specific �Subject,� �Publication Title,� etc.
� Business Source Complete
� Includes scholarly (academic) business journals
� Hoovers
� Industry (and company) information
� Also, available in hard copy in the reference area (see below)
� You may also access
� Online Books/E-books
o E-Book Collection
� Click on the �E-Book Collection� link after visiting
� Doing a keyword search on a name of company will generate a list of books that could be a good start also for your research. The listed books can be accessed online.
� Reference Books
o In the Reference area but books cannot be checked out
� Books/Catalog Search
b) Company�s Web Site
� Valuable company and industry information may be listed there.
c) Internet
� Doing a keyword search using any search engine
o,,, etc.
o To do a search on a compound noun use quotations: �car stereo� (not car stereo, otherwise you will get hits that include listings of the non-adjacent words, car and stereo)
e) Optional: area libraries in your neighborhood

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