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Write a blog post on media’s perception of nurses.

2) WRITE a blog post on media’s perception of nurses. Rent a video, view an episode of a television show, or read a book in which nurses are portrayed. NOTE: If you are using a TV series, the blog MUST be based on ONE episode in the series. Use (a)-(h) guidelines below for your blog. You can access the blog in your group’s blog.

a) Plot Prominence: Are nurses shown taking leading or prominent roles or are they shown primarily in the background in supportive roles or doing tasks? In scenes with non-nurse professionals (physicians, administrators), who does most of the talking? To what extent are nurses engaged in nursing practice?Or are other characters doing the nursing care? (Provide examples)

b) Demographics: Are men shown as nurses? Are there single and married nurses? Are different ages of nurses portrayed? Or are they all female, young, pretty, and single? (Provide examples)

c) Personality Traits: Are nurse characters portrayed with “power” traits (i.e., intelligence, confidence, problem solvers, assertiveness, ambitious)? If nurses display “power” traits, are they perceived as abnormal in some way? Or are nurses only portrayed with “mothering” traits (nurturing, giving, empathy, sincerity, kindness)? (Nurses should be portrayed with both types of traits ). (Provide examples)

d) Professional Competence: Are nurses presented as appealing because of their physical attractiveness as opposed to their intelligence, professional commitment, and skills? Is there evidence that nursing requires special knowledge and skills? Do nurses exhibit autonomous judgment and positively influence patient/family welfare? Or are nurse characters portrayed as relying on a physician or other character for guidance, strength and rescuing? (Provide examples)

e) Nursing Education/Administration: Is the process of nursing education portrayed? If so, who appears to be in charge of nursing education? Is there evidence of an administrative hierarchy in nursing or are nurses shown answering to physicians or hospital administrators? (Provide examples)

f) Nursing as a Profession: Is the profession of nursing seen as an attractive, creative, exciting and a fulfilling career? Or is nursing seen as a temporary job with the goal being marriage? Are nurse characters referred to in sexually demeaning terms or portrayed as sex objects? (Provide examples)

g) Overall Assessment: Overall, is this a positive or negative portrayal of nursing? Why or why not?

h) Strategies for Changing the Image of Nursing: If you see a movie, book, newspaper article or television show that portrays nurses in a negative way, what strategies would you use to bring the negative portrayal to the attention of the author, writer or producer? If you find nursing portrayed in a positive way, what strategies would you use to bring the positive portrayal to the attention of the author, writer, or producer?

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