Worlds of Islam & European Christendom, 500 ? c.1500 C.E.

Worlds of Islam & European Christendom, 500 ? c.1500 C.E.Order DescriptionExamine the documents provided in ?Considering the Evidence: Voices of Islam? (pp. 444-453), and “Considering the Evidence: The Making of Christian Europe” (pp. 499-506) Essay must discuss at least 3 of the 6 documents provided in the section on Islam and 4 of the 6 documents on the making of Christian Europe and must address the following questions:? In what different ways do the various voices of Islam represented in these documents express the common religious tradition of which they are all a part? What grounds of controversy can you identify within or among them? How do these documents represent the roles of men and women in Islamic society? (Pay particular attention to differences in emphasis.)? What do these documents reveal about the process of conversion to Christianity?? How might Pope Gregory (Document 10.4), Charlemagne (Document 10.3), and Boniface (Document 10.4) have responded to the cures and preventions described in the Leechbook?Text is Robert W. Strayer, Ways of the World: A Brief Global History, with Sources, 2nd Ed., 2013, Vol. 1 (Bedford /St. Martins): ISBN 978-0-312-58348-4.

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