Women’s study writing

Women’s study writingyou are going to choose a current event topic from a legitimate news source and write a letter to a Congressman/Congresswoman, Senator, Governor, Mayor, President of the United States or other political official, addressing this topic, stating your position and reasoning of why this topic is important, and calling for action on their part. You must choose a specific official and look at their background, as your letter should focus on a topic that you are trying to persuade them on, or offer them support regarding.Word Count 350 – 500Include at least 3 reference and use it in the writing.The cuurrent even topic has to be related to women issue (violance, discrimination, etc)The current event must be within the last 12 months and must come from a legitimate authored source (national or local newspaper article or a legitimate news website— Wikipedia, personal web pages or Blogs WILL NOT be accepted).

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