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Wine Information: 2009 Chardonnay, Sonoma County.

Wine Information: 2009 Chardonnay, Sonoma County.
The Rodney Strong Wine, 2009 Chardonnay, is produced from Rodney Strong Vineyards and it is packed in a quantity of 750 ml retailing at $ 13.50. Sixty percent of this wine is fermented in a barrel and that barrel undergoes an ageing period of four months (Lori). The 2009 Chardonnay wine, Sonoma County appears bright lemon in color.
The 2009 Chardonnay wine has a lemon and apple aromas and other tiny whiffs of toasty barrel intricacy. The flavor of 2009 Chardonnay resonates in the mouth palate, with a kind of motley of pear and pineapple toppled up with a refreshing acidity (Kennucorked). Extremely complex finish lasting more than two minutes: it was a mature and well aged 2009 Chardonnay, Sonoma County though it could have been much greater if it could have been aged a little more over the four months. Overall: I liked the wine very much.
Wine information: 2008 Chateau de la Tour de l’Ange Bourgogne
This wine, whose vintage is 2008, is produced by Chateau de la Tour l’Ange and is packed in quantities of 750 ml. Assorted by varieties, 2008 Chateau de la Tour l’Ange Bourgogne is chardonnay. It is made from Pinot Noir and is red in color (Clive). The appellation of 2008 Chateau de la Tour l’Ange is Bourgogne. The wine is made in Burgundy in the eastern region of France. The aroma of 2008 Chateau de la Tour l’Ange is cherry bright and mid palate.
Wine information: 2009 Chateau de Cornemps
Made in Rose style, 2009 Chateau de Cornemps Bordeaux Rose is produced by Chateau de Cornemps winery at a region called Bordeaux and is packed in quantities of 750 ml. It retails at an average price of $ 10.89. The wine has a fresh nose zapping a clue at red fruit strawberry and cherry aromas (Search.Com).The wine has a dry finish and packed in a brilliant crisp package.
Wine information: Arthur Metz 2009 Gewürztraminer, Alsace, France
The wine is produced by Arthur Metz winery based in Alsace, France. It retails at $14.99 and its gold in color. It has an aroma hinting ripe white peaches, minerals and honey suckle. The wine has a mixture of peach and apricot aromas all rolled into one. This round bodied had spiciness and was enjoyable.
Georges Dubeauf 2009 Pouilly-Fuisse, Burgundy
This wine is produced by Georges Dubeauf located in Burgundy, France. Packed in a 750 ml bottle it’s categorized as white wine. It retails at $20.93The wine has a golden green color. The wine has got an aroma of roasted almonds, verbena and lime tree all blended in together and a small taste of vanilla. The wine was full and supple. Overall: the wine was aged.

Cols Saint Michel 2008 Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone
This wine is produced by Cols Saint-Michel located in the region of Rhone in France. In a variety of white Rhone Blend, and a white type, it comes with a Chateauneuf-du-Pape tag on its 750 ml. With a pronounced nose, it has a purple that is both dark and opaque. It has an aroma of lilac, candied fruit and raspberry: all rolled into one. On the mouth palate, it had smoke, leather and herbal taste: all blended into one. The finish of the wine was a lingering and delicate one with a hint of oak. Overall: it had a delicious elegance.
Jean Albrecht 2009 Pinot Blanc, Alsace
This wine is produced by Jean Albrecht from Alsace in France. The wine comes in a grape variety of Pinot Blanc. Packed in a 750 ml bottle, it comes with an appellation of Drschwiht and in a 2009 vintage (McCarthy Ed). In the palate, it has an abundant taste of melon and in the air it has a strong whiff of oak and butterscotch. The wine has also got a hint of mineral. Full palate, it has a medium acidity and a finish that lasts a long time. Overall: recommended.
Not enjoyable list
CK Mondavi 2008 Merlot California
The wine is produced by C.K Winery in California. The wine retails at an average of $6.84 and it comes with the grape type of Merlot and a 2008 vintage. This wine is packed in a 750 ml bottle and an aroma of deep, dark berry fruit with a tiny whiff of cocoa, herb and earth, all rolled into one (Sheridan). Even though it has an appealing velvety texture, a low price and ends with a soft fruit finish, the wine wasn’t enjoyable since it fall out of league with the other brands.
Brandal 2006 Albarino Estate Bottled
The wine is produced by Adegas d’Altamira from the Galicia region in Spain. The 2006 vintage is white with an appellation of Rias Baixas and comes in a Brandal design. The wine has nose that is lemon, faint pineapple, a hint of mineral and citric taste. On the palate, it has a high acidic taste. It has a long finish but it wasn’t enjoyable as its high acidity, perhaps due to the little time of three months that it is aged compared to the other brands limited its usage only to vegetables and chicken only.
Cave de Gerrouilly 2009 Bourgogne Aligote
The wine is produced by Cave de Genouilly in the Burgundy region of France. The vintage of 2009 comes in a variety of Aligote an appellation of Bourgogne- Aligote and white type. The 750 ml wine package retails at $ 12.99. The Burgundy is brusque and has an aroma of both lemon peels and apple blossoms all rolled into one. It has a citric flavor and a spicy finish. Overall: the wine was not enjoyable to me because the citric aroma was charming like that of oak and butterscotch aromas.
Blanchet 2009 Pouilly Fume, Loire Valley, France
This wine is produced by Dom. Francis Blanchet winery from the Loire region of France. This 2009 vintage3 comes in a Sauvignon Blanc variety (Charles). Packed in a 750 ml bottle, it has a gunpowder smell and an aroma of grapefruit and lemon all rolled into one. Even though it was well aged, it didn’t enjoy the chalky taste that it had.
Dominican Oaks 2007 Zinfandel, NAPA, California
The wine is produced by Domican Oaks winery from the Napa region in California. Packed in a quantity of 750 ml and retailing at $ 14.90 it is made the Zinfandel grapes (Paul). It is blended greatly while it has a smooth finish. Save for it fair price, it didn’t come into the league of the other Bourgogne and so it wasn’t enjoyable to me.
Angelie 2009 Pinot Noir, California
The origin of this wine is the North Coast region of California in U.S.A. and it is a 2009 vintage. The wine is bottled in a 750 ml package and retails at $ 12. The wine has an aroma of oak, cigar, strawberry and vanilla, all rolled into one. On the palate, it has an acidic taste but full palate, the flavors of the strawberry and plum are brought (Dawn). However, what doesn’t make the wine appealing and enjoyable is that it has a short finish and to cap it all, a rather high acidity.
A critique of wine and food presentation at Spagos
The color of the champagne (wine) was had been well presented since it had a color that was appealing to the eye. The 11% content of the alcohol was well balanced, not too high and not too low. The finish was medium thereby not leaving long aftertastes.
Even though the white wine too had a pale green color, it was badly presented since it matched the first type of wine served. However, the grassy aromas were well presented and to cap it all, the wine could be appealing with the flavors that accompanied; the passion juice, the juicy tropical fruit and the red have fruit which were well blended.
The third set of the presentation, Chardonnay was well presented even though the medium taste did it no good, at least a long lingering taste could have made it even better (Terry). The other presentation of wine was had a good presentation of flavor but there was a misrepresentation of the strong berry smell. Nevertheless, the medium finish was well presented.
The food was well presented but there was a misrepresentation of avocado and seaweed.
The representation was well presented save for the slight bad presentations of the wines

A critique of Kevin Zraly Book
Author: Kevin Zraly (STERLING)
Article: Windows on the world, Complete Wine Course, 25th Edition
In the field of wine learning, the Kevin Kraly book proves a poignant article. In the book, Kevin Kraly, takes us through an education transcending the regions where wine is grown, the matching up of the various types of food. Kevin Kraly accomplishes this by taking the reader on a one-on-one detailed way, impeccably teaching the reader. It’s highly recommendable to those people who love wine. At the end of the chapters, the author engages the reader zapping the reader with the mostly asked questions but above all, to help the reader make a quick reference to the desired article, a good provision of selected Glossary.


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