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Why States build nuclear weapons. (Scott, 1997)

Why States build nuclear weapons. (Scott, 1997)
First and foremost, the nuclear weaponry, can be hedged a bet by the States in terms of national defence to counter alien terror .Also, they form the basis of the politician’s debates and also shapes the States overseas recognizance in terms of being updated and also defines its distinctiveness.

Counter-measuring overseas terror with nuclear weaponry :It’s a country’s role to offer protection against the invasion .We are living in an era where terrorization is rampant and the degree of terror huge in terms of the latest forms of nuclear weapons. Therefore, the States need to be of the same calibre with any properly heeled country in terms of nuclear weaponry and this falls under two categories. First, powerful states ape their rivals in what they does and that is achieved by being self-reliance by reaching a verdict of having their own nuclear weaponry a project that is expensive. Secondly, the states that the projects are out of reach financially get submerged into country-to-country allies. That means that a strong country will have many allies. Therefore, to win the large number and the trust of their allies the country will be obligated to develop their nuclear weaponry to a cutting edge.”…every time one state develops nuclear weapons to balance against its main rival, it also creates a nuclear threat to another state in the region, which has then to initiate its own nuclear programs…”(Page 58)
Other states like France and Britain, have ventured in the projects of constructing the nuclear weaponry since another state, Russia, had escalated the threats and lowered adherence of U.S to the allies of the NATO Organization. Some states develop nuclear weaponry because of intimidation. Good example is The Peoples Republic of China upon threat that one of its cities, Beijing, would be bombed by the U.S. back in time whether Korean War ended. Topped with the sudden resentment at Sino-Soviet affairs catalysed the development of a form of reliable form of security and it proved that that kind of security could only be nuclear weaponry.
The other cause why the states want to develop nuclear weaponry is to show its identity. A good example is the urge that lead the France to build nuclear weaponry.”…the French decision to build nuclear weapons emerges when one focuses on French leaders’ perceptions of the bombs symbolic significance…belief that the nuclear power and nuclear weapons were deeply linked to a state’s position in the international system was present…to ensure that in 10 years’ time France will be an important country…to return it to its historical great power status…to restore tarnished prestige…hold overseas empire…that the country’s grandeur had to be nourished from o0hther sources.”(Page 78)

The nuclear weapons are developed for various purposes among them: Counter-measuring overseas terror based on nuclear weaponry. Among the poor countries the strong countries that have the capability to develop nuclear weaponry will develop the weapons so that they can get a following from the weak sates that don’t have the potential to develop that kind of weapons. Also the development of the nuclear weapons in some countries arose from lowered adherence by the U.S on the allies of NATO Organization. There will be future programmes that will indicate that administrators of the states will be greatly focused on the nuclear capabilities and objectives of its immediate neighbours and also the effects and influences of the nuclear weaponry.

Scott, S. 1997. Why Do States Build Nuclear Weapons?Page 54-86.

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