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why should we be interested in this topic today?:Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Project description
4 -5 pages double space
3 additional sources (interviews, surveys,observation)
Dont write it as sections
-Do not use high vocabulary, make it as simple as it can be

Introduction to the topic:
-what is the issue under discussion?
-why is it an important topic at this time?
(is it currently a hot topic? Has it been a hot topic for some time? Is it a new technology that has just come on the scene? Make it sound interesting

Historical perspective on the topic
-what did your extensive research reveal about this topic?
-where did this issue/topic originate, and what is its history?
-organize your review of the info so that you address several topics in an orderly fashion
-try to address the issue from both the consumers\’ and the producers\’ point of view

Current perspectives on the topic
-what\’s going on right now with this issue/topic?
-why should we be interested in this topic today?
-what are the positions of the competing interests?
-what is the regulatory environment and how is it changing ?
-what are the implications for the future?

-brief restatement of the thesis
-brief summary of what you found, and why it is important to study it

Here below is the description of self fulfilling prophecy from the textbook. The textbook is Understanding Interpersonal Communication – Richard West and Lynn H. Turner

Textbook information:
. A self-fulfilling prophecy is when a person unknowingly causes a prediction to come true, due to the simple fact that he or she expects it to come true. These prophecies may either be self-imposed, which occurs when your own expectations influence your behavior or other-imposed, which occurs when the expectations of another person influence your behavior. Self-fulfilling prophecies can take place within a number of interpersonal situations. Self-fulfilling prophecies usually follow a pattern. First, we form expectations of ourselves, others, or particular events. Next, we communicate those expectations to others. Third, others respond to our behaviors. Fourth, our expectations become reality, and our expectations confirm our original thinking about ourselves.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this paper. I need to make sure this is plagiarism proof and I receive an A for the grade this is a major paper for my class. thank you!

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