What makes up a class and an object?

Discussion Question

Your first discussion in the class is designed to help you understand what classes and objects are in conjunction with C++ programming. Try and provide an example that will help further distinguish your response.

Please respond to all of the following prompts:

  • What makes up a class and an object?
  • Provide an explanation of how do they differ (class and object)

Lab Activity

After learning about the use of strings in C++ programming, you will write your first C++ program.

You will also write a program per the specifications in the book. Once you have completed the assignment, you will be able to write a program validating identification.

***NOTE: Students have to use Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition 2010 available from the Microsoft website. Read  “Visual C Test Program”  for URL and download instructions; this software is free.

  1. To complete this activity, please refer to: Page 437, Programming Problems 10.2, #1.
  2. To complete this activity, please refer to: Programming Problems 10.7, pages 469-470, #3.

For all C++ assignments, include a screenshot of your C++ program in the Visual Studio window along with the output showing or submit the actual program file. Do this for all labs.

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