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What is the value of a brand for a consumer? A manufacturer? A retailer?

This is a Bank of America case study. It is due in 3 days. I will attach the template to following in writing the case study, including the case study in pdf.


I have suggested that this case is best “read” with an Internet connection nearby — as their are streaming videos embedded in the case. That said, you can get most of the case by reading — and then returning to the videos.


The questions below can be used as a guide for the assignment.

The focus of this case is a joint decision about target markets. With limited resources, Boa Technology had to decide which of its seven summits offered the best opportunity for growth. Graubins figured he could fund two at a high growth level, while maintaining the others. Graubins also had to make an implementation decision regarding promotion: which level of the distribution channel should be the focus of its promotion efforts? Graubins’ decision will drive marketing strategy in the U.S. for at least the the next couple of years.
  1. What is the value of a brand for a consumer? A manufacturer? A retailer?
  2. Does that value of a brand change when we are talking about an ingredient?
  3. Why is Boa considering investing in creating a recognizable consumer brand?
  4. If Boa were to develop a higher profile, more recognizable consumer brand, what are the upsides for Boa’s premium partner brands? What are the downsides/risks?
  5. Assume that Garett has enough resources to put significant energy behind only two “summits.” Which two summits do you recommend? Why?
  6. Given you recommended target markets (summits), what are your recommendations for Garett Graubins’ 2015 U.S. marketing plan? Be specific about whether efforts should primarily be made at the B2B, B2I, or B2C level for each of the two summits you favor. Offer specific ideas about the promotion message you would deliver to those summits as

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