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What is the PDP model (Parallel Distributed Processing?)

Automatic processing class (two questions only)
Q10. What is the PDP model (Parallel Distributed Processing?)

Parallel Distributed Processing (PDP) which is also referred in another word as connectionism is an information processing theory that has been modified lately to store non-conscious structures and processes.
Q12. What is the UTT (Unconscious Thought Theory)?
UTT can be defined as the capabilities and limitations that occur in conscious thinking but are deliberation (thinking) lacking interest.

Journal entry
Deliberation without attention
Ever since that day, almost three years have fallen off the calendar. Some things happen and a few days later after they happened we can’t recollect them: they are hazy and episodic. However, that day is etched in my mind: firmly rooted like a wooden spur of deeply from a shipwreck that is washed to the shore and deeply lodged on the beach.
Being on a November that year, it was exactly one month shy of Christmas. I had my destination of where I would spend the Christmas holiday mapped out-or so I had thought. Initially, I had two options: either Caribbean or Africa. Without mulling over it for a microsecond, I settled on Caribbean. I settled on that place where my family and I would spend the holidays. I booked the airline tickets via online from New York. I didn’t want to travel long before Christmas and so I set the traveling date on 24th December, a day before Christmas.
When that day came, we travelled to the airport and we would have boarded our plane in some few hours. Out of the blue, a thought struck me: why go to a backyard destination instead of a safari in Africa? Then, that option stood firm and held the reins. Much to the chagrin of my family, I changed my mind. However, I thought it would take a few minutes for the airline officials to change our air tickets. By then the airplane that we would have travelled to Caribbean with had already taken off and we were amazed when we were told that it would take two days for the transfer of the tickets. Two days! It was a Christmas holiday that never was.

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