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What is abortion?

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Hello to everyone! My name is………………..Today I am going to speak abortion and the moral theories, principles and moral decision surrounding abortion.
(i) What is abortion?
We shall skip nimbly at the description of abortion. Abortion is the termination of the growth of a fetus before the end of the pregnancy period is over and its expulsion from the womb.
(ii)Types of abortions
There are two types of abortions namely: simulated (induced) abortions and spontaneous abortions (commonly referred to miscarriages).
Induced abortions are carried out for several reasons: if the mental or physical health of the one carrying the pregnancy might be at risk, her life is at risk; if there is a chance that the baby will have a premature morbidity. It involves two processes namely: medical and surgical. Surgical involve the use of drugs called abortifacients. Medical abortion is whereby the embryo is removed by sucking the womb lining using an electric pump or a manual syringe. Abortion can also be induced using herbs such as tansy or by causing trauma to the stomach.
Spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) are self induced which occur naturally.
(iii) Incidences of abortions
The occurrence of abortion is calculated by: assessing the abortion ratio per a thousand women of between 15 and 44 years; the number of abortions occurring per a hundred known women excluding spontaneous abortions (both stillbirths and miscarriages). Since in places where abortions are illegal are hard to note their number since in most cases are conducted by backstreet abortionists, studies show that they are equal to places where they are legalized.
(iv) The Complications of abortion
The negative effects are determined by whether the abortion is safely carried out or unsafely and the hygienic of the abortion facilities. The chances of one getting breast cancer after abortion have been disclaimed by medical scholars but its agreed that side effects can be caused by factors such as lack of social support, conservative views and emotional attachment during pregnancy.
(v) Societal and cultural perspectives
The standoff of the society and culture regarding abortion is reflected the anti-abortion groups that have sparked hot debates on the wake of the passing of abortion bills and its legalization. However, the view of individuals is determined by various aspects such as philosophical, biological, moral and ethical issues. Religion can also greatly impact on individual’s view of abortion.
Thank you for the attention and any question is welcome.

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