What factors shape the development of individual preferences and associations with foods, such that we call them “comfort foods”.

write just one paragraph for each question like a discussion board with your view.
1-Please address some aspect of the discussion question below.
Reciprocity can be defined as a voluntary exchange of goods, services, or information between 2 or more individuals or groups, such that Person A gives to Person B and Person B gives to Person A (though not necessarily the same thing, or in equal amounts). Are there rules of reciprocity when it comes to food? Rules can include expectations about who to exchange with, the acceptable time delay before reciprocating, and if an exchange of currency is acceptable (I gave you ten dollars and you repay me with zucchini bread, is that OK? – when and for who?) When did you learn the rules? Have the rules changed as you got older?
2-It is the right time in the semester to talk about……comfort food.
Is it chicken noodle soup, chocolate, chips, or carrots? What factors shape the development of individual preferences and associations with foods, such that we call them “comfort foods”. Please think about the reading and lectures and use the ideas to interpret your own preferences.
3-Where will you travel to study child growth and nutritional status? Set the stage for all of us. Think about all of the people and places you have read about this semester – or expand beyond class. Will you collect data in Namibia, Ecuador, Botswana, Guatemala, Great Britain, Mexico, Australia, Iraq, China, Russia, Northern California, or Orange County? Please identify a location and tell us why you have chosen that area and why you are focusing your study on the children in this area.
4-As a university student you have the skills to independently investigate issues that you read about in the popular press. Did the journalist capture the conclusions of the study accurately? Do you agree after reading the original research article? Your discussion board contribution this week is: 1) citation 2) 1-2 sentences to briefly describe the article.
Let’s find journal articles to read the original research or review articles that shape a newspaper story like the LA Times article in Week 15. Choose one of the food and mood subjects from the LA Times article. Go to the library homepage. Select Find Databases. Select P and scroll down to select Pubmed. In the search box, type in “food item of choice” mood. For example, chocolate mood or carbohydrate mood. Click on search. Look through the articles retrieved and select the one(s) that most closely fit your interests. Click on the CSU Fullerton Find Full Text link to access the full article. I have attached one of the review articles identifed and retrieved following the steps above. Submit your citation (not the entire article) for your contribution to discussion board this week.

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