What does organizational control look like in your sphere of influence?

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Original Question: From the perspective of a general manager in your field, which of the organizational control methods do you think would be the most universal? What does organizational control look like in your sphere of influence?


Discussion Answer: The Feedback Control Method would be the most beneficial to the healthcare system at this time. With the focus being on providing consistent service every time, that is the most important part of providing care to patients whose lives depend on our services. Every acute care facility across the country strives to provide the best service to their patients and families. Organizational control in the healthcare arena is the ability to provide excellent care and do no harm to patients. The Feedback Control Method is the best model at this time in healthcare because of the nursing shortage. Unfortunately, America is in such a dire need of nurses that the budgetary and financial control methods are impractical for the healthcare system at this time. Our focus should be on staffing hospitals appropriately with safe ratios, not whether or not we are in the black or red. By ensuring we are well staffed, the quality aspect will come naturally. With quality comes reward and in this situation that reward is monetary. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would rather reimburse institutions for high quality care than patients be harmed because of a lack of staffing. Overall, the best control method in healthcare is Feedback Control.


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