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what can you suggest as easier way to improve communication between medical staff and patients?

Institutional Affiliation
I am working as clinical pharmacist in a medical ward in Al-Sabah Hospital in Kuwait. My project proposal should be conducted to find out the barriers of communication in my workplace. Random questions will be given to patients and then evaluate them. I am planning to recruit 20 patients for my project within duration of 2 weeks.
This idea came up from the discussion with the medical staff in my medical ward to understand the barriers to effective communication specifically. Barriers to communication include the relationship between patients and medical staff. My aim is to determine what the problems, circumstances and challenges that might patients face with the medical staff by a communication.
In Day 1-3:
During the first two days of my project, I would like to introduce all patients that I recruited to each other as developing group to encourage them. As facilitator who is able to create a good environment to make patients comfortable to share what is their mind(1) . As facilitator, I am going to do some short recording of patient’s response and determine the challenges that might disturb sharing of information.
In day 3-5:
As I am facilitator, I am going to introduce my topic and then the patients will give me some suggestions about why the feel communication between them and medical staff is not good. I will take short notes to enable me to create a questionnaire for the patients later.
In day 7-10:
There will be active brainstorming and sharing of ideas. Patients will have some discussion in terms of developing of working strategy to improve their communication between them and medical staff. During the brainstorming stage, all patients should understand the topic discussion, resolve their concerns and assess the results of brainstorming session.(2).
In day 10-12:
This is facilitation stage. A facilitator would give a questionnaire to the patients to collect patient information for evaluation. During this stage, analysis, evaluation and also reporting the results would be the task. As facilitator, it would be important to make a conclusion and put them in immediate effect(3). The main purpose of this project must be achieved and finds leadership skills by the facilitator to do recommendation after result evaluated.
1-What do you think the state of communication between the medical staff and patients?
2-Do you feel that there is a need to improve communication relationship between medical staff and patients?
3-How have you suffered from poor communication with medical staff as patient?
4-what can you suggest as easier way to improve communication between medical staff and patients?
The consensus workshop facilitation would be done in this project. The time needed for project should be 2 weeks at least. A clear focus should be made on the patient.
The overall objective of this project was to improve communication between medical staff and patients in medical ward. Through the 14 days plan, it is clear that we can come up with solution to make better communication. Therefore, minimum complains will be reported from either side.


Guerin B. Social facilitation: Wiley Online Library; 2010..1
2.Galbraith MW. Adult learning methods: A guide for effective instruction: ERIC; 1998.
3.Sharan SE. Handbook of cooperative learning methods: Greenwood Press/Greenwood Publishing Group; 1994.

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