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What are your academic and career goals? Describe your goals and tell us your plan for meeting them

1. What are your academic and career goals? Describe your goals and tell us your plan for meeting them.
2. How will your education benefit yourself, your family, and your community? The benefit to your community can be in any capacity, including as a volunteer, as a mentor, or directly through your career. My education has and will continue to be enlightening and it helps me to understand things that I have never understood before. My education will help my family because they depend on me to be the breadwinner and my children are the ones that are most impacted by my education. They see how important it is to me and they too value education in return. With my law degree I will be able to help women in my community that are not able to help themselves from a legal standpoint. I also hope to be a big contributor to many smaller organizations for instance Girl Scout troops and Cub Scout Pack’s that need funding to complete projects for the community. I also plan to contribute to the food bank at my local church.

3. Which of your accomplishments makes you the most proud? My GED makes me the most proud. I took the test when I was 36, something that I had long ago gave up on. I had never needed the GED before, I had always been able to find work. To get that GED was the best feeling and it still lives on today.

4. How have your life experiences, family, employment and volunteer work contributed to your present goals and/or hindered your ability to reach these goals? Comment on, for example, child-rearing, homemaking, eldercare or illness, as well as positive experiences and supportive relationships that have helped shape your goals.

Remember, your statement must address all of the above questions. After you’ve written your statement, save it as a .doc or .PDF file and upload it.

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