What are the vocational implications of a positive TB test alone for Ms. Q?

Read the Case Studies on page 440 of your textbook. Select one of the cases and in a 3-4 page paper (excluding title and reference pages), describe the condition that is presented in the case and discuss how the condition will affect the individual’s social experiences. Include a minimum of 3 APA references.

Use the following format:

• Title Page

• Topic of the Paper
• Student Name
• Name of the Course
• Instructor Name
• Date Due
• Introduction: In an introductory paragraph, provide an overview of the selected case, and main points of the paper.
• Body:

• In a separate paragraph, describe the case selected for this paper.
• Describe the condition presented in the selected case, including signs and symptoms, course of the disease, prognosis, and resultant needs of the patient.
• Discuss the various ways in which the condition will affect the individual’s social experiences. Include:
• Spouse, significant other, or those most closely or intimately associated with the individual
• Family and extended family
• Community and other social groups or support systems (Work, clubs, religious organizations, volunteer groups, or support groups, for example.)
• The discussion must be informative, insightful, and reflect critical thought.
• Conclusion: Provide a brief summary of the case, the condition, and how it impacts the individual’s social experiences.
• Reference Page

• APA style
• A minimum of three sources

Ms Q. a 32 year old female, was diagnosed with HIV infection 5 years ago. She has continued to work as a receptionist at an insurance agency. Ms. Q recently had a tuberculin skin test, which was interpreted as positive. She has shared this information with the office manager out of concern for its implications for her employment as well as concern for her co-workers and customers of the agency.
1. What vocational implications does a positive tuberculin skin test have for Ms. Q?
2. What, if any, additional information is needed prior to making decisions regarding Ms. Q employment?
3. What are the vocational implications of a positive TB test alone for Ms. Q?

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