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What are the qualitative or quantitative measurements in the functional areas of HR could be used to measure activity?

Read the case study provide in the Assignments for Week 8. You must have at least 10 *full* pages not including title page, table of contents, reference page or appendix. 16 is the total page limit. You must organize your paper into the following sections and use the prescribed headers.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Section 1- Executive Summary ( use this header)- This should not be longer than 1 page.
Section 2- Analysis and evaluation of alignment ( use this header)- In this main section, describe why HR’s alignment with the organization is important. Describe strong analysis is important to determine whether HR is in alignment. The following subsections are the results of your analysis.
Subsection 2a- Strategic Contribution ( use this header)- How does each HR function contribute to the organization’s strategy? What are examples?
Subsection 2b- Personal Credibility ( use this header)- What does it take for an HR professional to be credible? What are ways to build credibility? How can credibility be measured?
Subsection 2c- HR Delivery Metrics ( use this header)- What are the qualitative or quantitative measurements in the functional areas of HR could be used to measure activity? These may or may not be financial. These measurements may not essential/critical to success.
Subsection 2d- Key Performance Measurements ( use this header). Per, “Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] are quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand, that reflect the [most] critical success factors of an organization.” These are normally not financial. Why are KPIs important for human resources? Which ones will you use for this case study? What are the quantifiable targets for those KPIs?
Subsection 2e- Action Plan for Each Functional Area ( use this header)- What steps are taken to ensure the following functional areas are set up to be in alignment? Recruiting, performance management, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, and health safety and security. Itemize your response such as Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc.
Subsection 2f- HR Mission Statement ( use this header)- Per “These statements are set in the present tense, and they explain why you exist as a business, both to members of the organization and to people outside it. Mission statements tend to be short, clear and powerful.” You’ll need to create the mission statement based on the case scenario and analysis. What is HR’s primary purpose?
Subsection 2g- HR Vision Statement and Objectives ( use this header) Per, “Vision statements also define your organization’s purpose, but they focus on its goals and aspirations. These statements are designed to be uplifting and inspiring. They’re also timeless: even if the organization changes its strategy, the vision statement can often stays the same.” What does HR want to become in the future? What are 3 new goals for the HR department beyond what is provided in the case study?
Section 3- Conclusion ( use this header)- This should not be longer than 1 page.
References ( use this header)- Support your analysis and recommendations with 5 credible sources documented. Use EBSCO, ProQuest, or other online library
Appendix (optional)

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