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What are the perceptions of students in health-related undergraduate programs of the health behaviours of their peers?

If you are unsure what your assignment might look like, remember it should appear similar to the many, many journal articles that you have been reading and reviewing as part of your studies. So look at the readings that we set you for ideas on how to present your assignment. Whilst the articles are longer and bigger in word count, pay attention to the ‘style’ and quality of writing and referencing, as this is what you should be aiming for.

Section Details Word count (+/- 10%) including in text refs
Title of assignment This should be your research question. In journal articles it is the title of the article itself. It does not have to have a question mark – it can be a statement, eg: The influences on physical activity participation for young male university students. –
Author name That’s you! –
Abstract This should follow a paragraph format – not using subheadings. 200
Literature review This should include a general intro to the assignment overall as well as the review of literature relevant to your question.
All feedback from minor assignment should be addressed.
Fully referenced 500
Methods This should include full details of all aspects of the methods used.
All feedback from minor assignment should be addressed.
Fully referenced 500
Results Description of main themes that emerged from data with quotes as examples.
All feedback from minor assignment should be addressed.
No referencing required. 500 (excluding interview quotes)
Discussion Explain theory (using references) and why it is useful to help us understand your data. Relate to themes raised in Results.
Relate results back to the literature in the review. Do your results support/contradict the literature? What does your data add to the body of literature?
Fully referenced (minimum of 3 new for theory, plus refer back to lit review references) 600
Conclusion Discuss implications – eg, how might your results and discussion be useful for health practitioners, policy makers, general understandings of health?
What do your results tell us about what other research could be done in this area in the future?
Summarise what you have done and your main argument. 200
References Full list of all references used, correctly formatted using APA style.
Minimum of 18 references. Not counted in word count

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