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What are the main differences between strategic planning conducted domestically and internationally?

There are totally 6 essays of each not less than 300 words in length. Use this source to work on this course work: International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition,13th Edition, Ball, D. A., et al.

Question 1. Read the Minicase from p. 177 (chapter 6) of your text: “Is Your Chocolate the Result of Unfair Exploitation of Child Labor?” Answer the following questions:

Should the labor practices of a specific country be a consideration to you when determining whether to trade with that country? Why or why not?
What options are available to businesses for dealing with practices such as child labor in other countries?
Assuming you would move forward and do business with a country that practiced some elements of child labor, what can you, as an international manager, do to minimize the adverse effects of child labor?

Question 2: answer ONE of the following sets of questions

What are the main differences between strategic planning conducted domestically and internationally?
As an international manager, how would you approach an international strategic plan to address some of the challenges you likely will face?
Answer the above questions assuming you are doing business in an “emerging” market


How does global and domestic leadership differ? Or are they the same?
What different roles might a global leader need to take?
How can you, as a global leader, affect change successfully if doing business in an emerging market?

Question 3: answer ONE of the following questions:

What are some barriers related to the political and legal forces that may eliminate a country from further consideration for your product/service? Provide examples

What are the major modes of entry that a firm can use to enter foreign markets? Describe, in detail, two of those modes and discuss at least two advantages and two disadvantages of those two modes

Question 4: answer ONE of the following sets of questions:

What are two advantages of standardizing the marketing mix worldwide for your firm’s products?
What are two advantages of adapting the marketing mix worldwide for your firm’s products?

Define global, regional, and national branding
Discuss two reasons why many more firms are using global and regional brands to market their products internationally
Provide examples of companies that do this successfully.

Question 5: answer ONE of the following questions:

Define ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric, and geocentric staffing policies

Compare and contrast each of these staffing policies

Why should the international human resource management approach used by an international company be closely linked to their competitive strategy? Provide examples

Question 6: Answer the following questions. What do you think are the two biggest problems and greatest risks for a U.S. firm doing business in a foreign country today? How can international managers overcome those risks?
Use the country you were assigned for your team project and refer to problems and risks in that country
Support your comments with examples from the text and outside readings (of your choice).

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