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What are Saudi interpreters beliefs about the preparation of professional sign language interpreters?

First of all, if you cannot meet all requirements (instructions), please do not take this assignment because it will not be accepted unless it meets all requirements.

The assignment:
Write 6 full pages as a continuing for a Literature Review for a dissertation chapter#2.

Must be done:
Use APA style 6th editions for citation in the body and references list. Also, you have to cite all information carefully, so it is possible that one paragraph might have more than one citation.
Provide me with the pages and paragraphs numbers from which you retrieved the information at the end of every single citation. For example: (John, 2007) (p.13, par.2). The paper will not be accepted unless it has the pages and paragraph numbers.
Each page must include at least 5 different citations, so it is good for the page to include about 3 or 4 paragraphs.
According to APA style, you should not use secondary sources if you can find the primary sources. So, be careful.
Use US English.
Be careful about plagiarism. You have to paraphrase.
Do not use Wikipedia as a reference. You have to use authentic books or articles.
You need to follow the outline that I attached, and I will provide you with some of my work on ch#2 that I have done to get picture on my topic. So, please dont copy or repeat anything.

The following are the purpose of the study and the research questions to help you focus on related topics:

Purpose of the study and Research Questions
The goal of this study is to identify Saudi interpreters beliefs about professional sign language interpretation.
Research questions addressed in this study were as follows:
1.What are Saudi interpreters beliefs about the preparation of professional sign language interpreters?
2.What are Saudi interpreters beliefs about certification of professional sign language interpreters?
3.What are Saudi interpreters beliefs about the classification of professional sign language interpreters?
Added on 12.04.2016 02:05
To make citation good credit you can cite many resources in same information, For example (Crasswell, 2012 ; Alamri, 2009; Roy, 2015) if they all mentioned to the same idea, so try do this from time to time through the paper. The important thing pleas try to link what I gave you to my topic and research questions which are about professional interpretation/interpreters. See my comments in the attachment. Finally, please try to send me back with first draft ASAP.

Here Some links and resources and google book as well, that is very important to use:

1- Roy, C and Napier, J. (eds). 2015. The Sign Language Interpreting Studies Reader published by John Benjamins.

2- Napier, Jemina. 2011. Sign Language Interpreting. In the Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies


Here is the link#1 for some references:

Here is the link#2 for e-book in SLI and Sign Language:

The link#3 for more references:

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