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What are differences between innovation and renovation?

How does evaluation of the impact of strategic innovation on the performance of public sector organizations? the mean questions are:

1- What is innovation strategy?

2- What is open innovation?

3- What are keys elements of innovation?

4- What are differences between innovation and renovation?

5- What is Innovation Assessment?

6- How should innovation be evaluated?

7- Who should do the evaluation the strategy results comparing with organization missions, goals and values? Why?

8- When the strategy evaluation should be placed? Why?

9- Do really the evaluation stage is the final process or it correlated with all strategy stages?

10- To whom the strategy evaluation results should be submitted?

11- What steps should be taken after strategy evaluation?

12- How much percentage of knowledge sharing include in the strategic goals, implementation stage and evaluation stage?

13- Within its innovation strategy, what incentives that organization provides to encourage the knowledge sharing?

14- How much percentage of strategic goals should have innovation goals?

15- What are Incentives that organization should provide to encourage new notion?

The proposal will focus on three aspects which may enhance strategic innovation:

1- To discuss and demonstrate the importance of strategy evaluation stage as essential process comparing with goals planned and bench market along with reasons and recommendations.

2- To illustrate the significance Sharing Knowledge within the organization and public sector effectively and efficiency during all strategy processes.

3- To enhance the importance of Innovation strategy and how it can lead to the development.

some references it can used


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Scott Kelley • Ron Nahser.(2014). Developing Sustainable Strategies: Foundations, Method

farther requirements:

1-Please any others references used, I need a copy of the article which used as references to be send to my e mail.

2- all paragraphs within the dissertation must be referenced.

3- recommendations are required correlation with article references.

4-compared between the best 10 countries within the world which use innovation strategic with critical analysis.

5-the future of the innovation strategic.

6- what the critical external and internal elements asset organization to achieve the innovation strategic goals in public sector?

7-what the Implications of innovation strategic within public sector.

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