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Vision Statement :Sharp Telecommunications (Sharprtel)

Vision Statement
Sharp Telecommunications (Sharprtel)
Our vision motto: To be the best out of the best
Sharp Telecommunications Corporation is involved in the communication sector. The company was founded in Washington DC by my father in 1990.Being founded in Washington it meant that it had its headquarters based there. As fate would have it, my father went the way of all flesh and being the father’s only child I inherited the company. However, since I was underage by then, my father had stated precisely and concisely in his will that I was by know way to run it until I attained eighteen years. Before I celebrated my eighteenth birthday, the company was run by my father’s confidant.
In 1995 I was given the reins of Sharprtel company and lo! As it came to be it was under new management. Before my father’s death, we had gone on a tour safari in East Africa and our safari tour van had broke down deep in the jungle: in the middle of nowhere, back of beyond. Our last resort for help was mobile phones. Trust the place to have network coverage.
By the time I sat at the helm of Sharprtel, it had barely sixty-thousand subscribers. I’ve now decided to shift my company to Africa which is by renowned for poor infrastructure and underdevelopment. As expected I’ve become the fodder for the critics to ponder. I’m confident because I knew the saying, “you never discover a new horizon unless you have the courage to leave the comfort of the shore.”My vision in the next year is to have a sharp and clear Sharprtel network in the East African countries.Still, with the East African population exceeding seventy million, I’m sure to have a subscription of at least ten percent. Also, I want to cater for other services such as sales of mobile software and accessories. The old adage can sum it all, “The longest journey starts with one step.” I hope soon to approach banks for a loan to upgrade the Sharprtel Company so as to realize my goals.

A resume
Simon Jordan
3455 Carton G. Road
Increasing the network coverage, and upgrade the already existing ones through corporate alliances.
Increasing the subscription of Sharprtel company from sixty-thousand to the current prescription of half a million (aiming seven million).
I upgraded the network coverage in the three East African countries.
Attaché Techno Company.
CEO Sharprtel Company.
Education background
Oxford University, Oxford 34562
Degree, Telecommunications
Provided on request

The gap on resume
The gap on the resume is capital. I vision to target a subscription of more than ten times the current subscription .To envision that large target I need capital to increase the salaries of my employees and also increase the bases and also start selling mobile software and accessories. Being innovative will also do the trick as it will expose clients to new forms of technology such as voice-video calls.
Action Plan
To venture into the territories dominated by other rival companies and where there’s single companies featuring in the market, break the trend of monopoly. So as to improve the network in the areas where there are already other companies existing I will need to enter into alliances with the smaller companies. I will increase the people’s awareness of my company by ploughing my returns to the society. I will lower the tariffs so as to attract customers.

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