Validity and reliability in qualitative research

Validity and reliability in qualitative researchYour allocated topic for Assessment 1 isValidity and reliability in qualitative researchYour allocated topic cannot be changed.Detailed instructions and marking criteria are available in the Assessment 1 Specification document which can be found in the Assessments & Feedback tab on Breo, please read this carefully.Best wishes for a successful assignmentAssessment 1 requires you to produce a literature review of no more than 2,000 words, which researches specific business research issues in depth using appropriate literature paying particular attention to correct Harvard referencing and a logical development of conclusions which are based on your thorough evaluation of material you have gathered.The proposed work is as follows:• You will be allocated a specific issue which is precise and invites you to research a broad range of literature.• You will have to conduct significant literature searches so that you can identify and use suitable academic theory and findings from which to synthesize your review.• You should address the following issues in your review:o Definition and explanation of the terms you useo An explanation of the methods/ techniques under reviewo Demonstrate your understanding of the issue you have been set by reference to literatureo Propose potential solutions to the issues raised drawing on the literature with closely argued reasoningo Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the methods and/or techniques you suggest, with consideration of different research contexts.Guidelines and Additional Information• Preparation for this individual requires significant effort in researching the UoB Electronic Library. We will have a lecture from the librarians and this will provide essential information. You may form your own study group to discuss the topic. However, each student is required to submit an individual report, comprising their own understanding, review, critical analysis and recommendations regarding the issue that you will be given• Your report will be well presented and logically organized.• Good clear presentation using an appropriate structure demonstrating effort to communicate effectively will result in higher grades.• Use of the Harvard referencing style for citing references – see mandatory. This not only applies to the bibliography but also to in-text references. This is a major attribute of the Learning Outcome of this unit.

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