Using a recent example from the media, synthesise the academic debates and the human rights issues with regard to forced labour.

1.Analyse and critically evaluate the problems in using the Comparative Approach to International HR.

2.Critically review the processes and issues when selecting employees for international assignments in emerging/developing countries.

3.Using a recent example from the media, synthesise the academic debates and the human rights issues with regard to forced labour.

4.Your personal reflections regarding how the module content will inform and assist you in your future management role.

You are asked to produce 3 academic papers and a personal reflection, which address the questions above. It is important that you debate and evaluate the mainstream and relevant critical perspectives; addressing the topics and debates that have been covered in the module.

To do this it is expected that you will research and review the current literature within this area of knowledge. This should incorporate a substantial amount of ranked academic journal articles as opposed to textbooks. This individual portfolio should be no more than 4,000 words (approximately 1,000 words on each question) and be written in an academic essay style, which should meet the relevant post graduate academic grade descriptors to gain a pass. (See assessment criteria).

All students will be expected to submit the assignment on time by e submission and it should be referenced using the Harvard Reference System. It should be written in an academic style and should not include personal views (apart from task 4) but should be based on the published literature.

Your tutor will give further advice regarding this assessment, which accounts for 100% of the final grade for this module. Your tutor will explain this in further detail and provide advice about academic writing both in class sessions and tutorials, which will be available at the end of each class. Please make sure you attend all lectures, seminars and tutorials to take advantage of this assistance.

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