Use the two theories Radical feminism and critical masculinities theory and describe how they can be applied to the issue (domestic violence).

Write a 1000 word report on the following issue below
– Domestic violence

The research report should be structured as follows:
1. A brief introduction to the issue (Domestic violence) explaining why is this issue (domestic violence) important and its gendered dimensions.

2. 2. A brief discussion of ONE case study drawn from media reports, emphasising the issue of gender. (So you have to basically find a case study on domestic violence)

3. Use the two theories Radical feminism and critical masculinities theory and describe how they can be applied to the issue (domestic violence).

4. A brief conclusion summarising your report and explaining how the two theories Radical feminism and critical masculinities help us to understand the issue (domestic violence) better.

The aim of your report is to present a concise but detailed summary of the issue you have selected and an explanation of the relevance of two theories to the issue.

Brief introduce domestic violence. What is it ect, contain a quick statistic on domestic violence, why it’s an issue and why it’s a particular issue for women. And then all you need to say that this report will discuss an example of domestic violence and will also be using the two following theories (1) radical feminism (2) critical masculinity theory to further explore/ describe/ study this issue. Briefly explain Why the issue important what’s the gender aspect of this issue and what is your report going to do

You then need to select a case study. Find one on domestic violence. Need to research one. Find one in the media!
For the case study all you need to do is describe it an over view of the case study. Illustrating the issue. Example on domestic violence. , explain the case briefly, what actually happened the issue and what was resolved the end

Using the two theories radical feminism and critical masculinity. You need to apply it to the issue (domestic violence). Do not apply the theories to the case study.

Summaries the theories and explain why it is relevant to the issue and how we can apply it to the issue. This is the main part of the report knowing those theories real well and applying it to the issue. Describe the two theories and from that perspective how would they describe domestic violence. Describe how these two theories are different and how they overlap. You can say they have similarities but point out the differences relating to the issue.

reference: you need to use 9 academic resources any media articles are additional to this. you need to use Harvard referencing and also use direct quote when needed and reference correctly. in text referencing should be used and done correctly.

since this is a research report you can use headings. also please make my paper easy and simple to read. and double check grammar before sending the paper.

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