TV now a days. I want to talk about the TV show Survivals Episode 1 Season 1

TV now a days. I want to talk about the TV show Survivals Episode 1 Season 1HUM110HM?Writing Assignment #1DESCRIPTION: This assignment will be graded using the QEP rubric. The Quality Enhancement Plan is a university-wide program that will enhance our students’ ability to critically think. Titled “A Model for a Challenging World,” the QEP will combine critical thinking assignments that also include Saint Leo University?s core values to promote better decision making (CT + CV = DM): DATE: Papers must be submitted in both HARD COPY format AND on LearningStudio (turnitin/dropbox). Papers will not be graded until they have been submitted in both formats?late penalties will be applied if after April 5th. This assignment may be turned in any time during the semester, but the final day it will be accepted is Tuesday, April 5th. +5 points extra credit will be awarded for any papers turned in before Spring Break.INSTRUCTIONS: Each student will choose and analyze one episode of any TV show that we have viewed in class (yes, you will write about an episode we watched). Students will consider the Core Value of ?Integrity? in this paper, so start by defining the term in your own words and then analyze the episode. Consider content, conflict and resolution, production techniques, and ethical issues, themes and over-arching concepts related to the American Family.1. Integrity is an extremely interesting concept. When we use it to refer to a building or a bridge, we are referring to structural issues: the building or bridge’s ability to withstand not only normal uses but also extreme circumstances: storms, earthquakes, and floods, for example. When we use this term to describe people, we can mean their ability to maintain their moral standards even in the face of temptation. What is your definition of integrity?2. Using your definition of integrity, analyze the episode you choose to watch. How do the characters demonstrate integrity or lack thereof? How do the decisions they make during the episode illustrate good or bad judgment? What might they have done differently from the start or in the end? How much do personal choices impact integrity?3. Do not summarize the entire episode, remember, we have all seen it in class?just use 1-2 sentences to tell me what the show is and a general description of what it?s about. For example: ?Once Upon a Time is a retelling of fairy tales in a contemporary setting where the characters do not know they are from fairy tales. Things get complicated when magic comes to their small town of Storybrooke, breaking the spell that has held them captive for 28 years.? If your paper is more summary than analysis, it will not earn a passing grade. You will need to give some summary in your analysis, but don?t spend half the paper telling me what happened and then tack on ?and they showed no integrity? in the end. I have posted a sample paper on LibGuides so you can see what I mean by this.Guidelines: Use the following guidelines for this assignment1. Use a minimum of 750 words2. The essay must be typed, double-spaced, and follow MLA or APA (a consistent) format3. A cover sheet is required with your name, the class information, and the name of the show, the name of the episode, the season and episode number, and the year it aired clearly indicated.3. Proofread carefully4. You should not do any outside research when completing this assignment, but you may use the textbook. I am interested in what you have to say.

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