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Traits of a remarkable leader

Traits of a remarkable leader
My biological father is a mayor in the United States of America .He pushes squads of law enforcers into fighting crime in difficult situation using quotes ,inspirational goading ,promised payments ,sarcasm ,flattery ,imperiousness ,threats ,tactical sulking but most notably as a strong example.
On many occasions at the wee hours of the night-at the dead of the night-when everyone in our household is chugging down in the cradle of death’s small sister, sleep, he calls the police officer commanding on our area and together with the squads of the other police officers, they conduct highway patrols and on many times they have busted drug traffickers and crimes while in the meantime arresting the law perpetrators .By that heroic act, he exhibits a leadership based on moral courage.
He has won accolades for his remarkable work and similarly he has always been on the hit-list of hit men who see him as a threat to them. Even if he knows that his life hangs on a thread, even in the extreme adversity he does not lose his gentility; he merely brushes it off with professional objectivity.
He has become a role model to many who recognize and envy his immaculate leadership. When there are meetings he does not arrive late but on schedule .In fact he is always among those that arrive first. He demonstrates a high level of punctuality.
Everyday, our home is flocked with residents in dire straits who need assistance from him. True to their hopes and to his promises, they go to their homes satisfied.
On awareness campaigns, such as environment protection, he exhibits a high level of servant stewardship as he puts on groves and he is always armed with a spade and a broom and leads the other campaigners .He calls for meetings where he lectures the residents on the usefulness of protecting the environment and how to dispose of hazardous chemicals effectively to avoid the pollution of Mother Nature.
He leads with love as he insists on helping the disadvantaged (those whose families are financially) that want to realize their dreams by education through bursaries .In so doing, he exhibits a form of leadership based on love and being ‘your brother’s keeper’.
By assisting the youths in starting self-help groups and other initiatives like car-wash services, he teaches the youth on independent thinking and self-employment.
He assists the drug addicts by enrolling them to rehabilitation centers and lecturing the youth on how they can avoid the temptations of peer pressure and drug-pushers into persuading them to be drug users or to be drug peddlers .He transforms the lives of the drug zombies and gives them a second chance in life.
He lectures the teenagers on how to avoid pre-marriage pregnancies.
As an honor to him he had been abrogated many roles in the community among them; the chairman of almost every function ,a B.O.G member on almost every college ,polytechnic or university in the locality.
Using his innovative ideas he has started and spearheaded many projects and his satisfaction is to see the youths occupied and to develop positive attitudes in their lives .As a strict follower of church, even if his schedule is very tight ,he squeezes time to attend church crusades of which when he takes to the podium, he encourages the youths to be church goers and even goes to the extent of giving them incentives if he sees them at the church .In doing that ,he intends the young people in his locality to have a holistic development.

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