Tiffany & CO.

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined differently by differently by different organizations. In general CSR involves the activities which a company undertakes and how it manages its activities to ensure that it has a positive impact on the society (T&CO 2011). Tiffany & Co. aims at collecting precious metals and gemstones to use them in crafting jewelry in a way that are socially and environmentally responsible. This is the way Tiffany & Co practice its corporate social responsibility (T&CO 2011). The company discourages unaccepted mining that causes risk to humans or any activity which is against the human rights. It also puts emphasis on conservation of the environment.
Social marketing puts more emphasis on benefiting the customer more than the marketer. Tiffany & Co. reaches its customers using various social network sites. In this way it is able to reach more customers and even to make sure that the products are known to the customers within the shortest time possible. The sites used for social marketing include (Swenson & Morris 2010) an international website, face book, twitter, blogs, commercials, You Tube, I Tunes, and I Phone/ I Touch Application.
The international website ensures that customers from all over the world can access to their products. This is an advantage because it is a way of marketing their products internationally (Swenson & Morris 2010). The website consists all the details about a product shoeing all the descriptions and images where necessary. This gives the customers a clear guide on the products. Being on face book is the wisest thing Tiffany & Co. did. This is because currently almost every one is on face book (Swenson & Morris 2010). Tiffany & Co. uses its face book page to post new products and events. It also links the customers to the international website. It sends questions on this page for customers to answer which engages the customers and helps the company to know their customer needs. Around 518,159 people are fun of Tiffany’s face book page (Swenson & Morris 2010).
On twitter, the company is able to send information of the new products or fashion launches. It also updates the customers on when the company is going to be on the media. For instance it helps customers know when Tiffany employees will be explaining about different issues. This will help the customers ask questions live (Swenson & Morris 2010). Recently Tiffany’s twitter page has 6,622 people. The number is likely to increase as the page is still new. In the blog the company gets the opportunity to discuss both the old and new products (Swenson & Morris 2010). Customers get the opportunity to give their views about the products and ask questions. This helps the company to get involved with their target audience.
They use different commercials to make their products known to the customers. I Tunes are good for both customers and the company. They sell them for free hence attract many customers (Swenson & Morris 2010). The You Tube is used to show commercials for customers to view. I Phone app is the most recent type of social network that Tiffany is using which allows customers design their products the way they want them (Swenson & Morris 2010). This application is free of charge.
From this discussion, Tiffany & Co. have successfully attracted many customers due to their appropriate use of social marketing.

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