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The visit of Odysseus to the Phaiakians

The visit of Odysseus to the Phaiakians
The Odyssey is probably said to be put down in paper around 750 and 650 B.C.The Odyssey is a heroic ode (poem) and it centers the Greek champion Odysseus after his undisputed winning of the Trojan War that occurred around 12th century B.C.The is dying to go home, has home sickness, and the first thing in his mind is going back to his motherland. He has aptitude and shrewd. He undergoes a lot of trials ranging from ogres to his personal security. However tempting it maybe, he brushes off the many luring things in Ithaca and voila! At long last, he goes back to his motherland.
For the significance of the Odyssey to be figured out and brought to the fore, there is much importance to delve a little into the story. Odysseus is wanderlust and in his journeys he meets many individuals among them a foreteller who is blind, Tiresias, who prophesies that Odysseus will not make it home in one piece. Also the prophet predicts that Odysseus will have his demise while seafaring. Odysseus’ deceased mother updates him on the situation back home: as in the ruthless run-out-of -the-mill aspiring grooms and who are not only basking on his wealth but also impolite to his wife and male child.Still, the grooms want to woo his wife and marry him. Veiled as a beggar, Odysseus receives a very cold reception from the run amok suitors and a handful of his former servants. Penelope has an observation of the strange coincidence on the similarity between the person who is begging and her thought to be dead husband and so she comes up with a plan that if anyone accomplishes it she will be his bride. Odysseus kills executes the other suitors in point blank with the assistance of Eumaios ,Philoitos and Telemakhos.Also his goddess play a vital role in that slaying of the suitors. Later, Odysseus pays a visit to his biological father, Laertes, who is in his extremis at a place in the exterior of the town. The relatives of the deceased suitors gang up against them.
My thoughts
In the story, I see a pearl of wisdom that is proffered to the Greek society :a dose at a time.As the story commences, I conjure a mental picture of Odysseus winning the war but he is far away from home and he is very much yearning to go home.The first obvious notion that crosses my mind is Odysseus’ homesickness,’won the war…want to go home.’ Next,I get book’s cynosure,the saying : that east or west,home is the best ; and ‘mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,but it ever so humble there is no place like home’.According to the story,of Odysseus journey home where there are many trials, orgres that feeding on his men, I see his braveness and when the going gets rough,he becomes tough. I deduce this from the he overcomes them the temptations that had lured his paratroop. I learn a lesson that :when the deal is too good,think twice.Odysseus meets many people on his journeys.Among his many encounters is a blind prophet,who foretells that he will die enroute home.However,and it doesn’t necessarily mean that all prophets are liars,Odysseus makes it home in one piece.In the ode,Tiresias is said to be blind.It,may,not mean that he has got a physical blindness but the blindness that is characreized to him may be meaning that his perceptions ,ideas and perspectives arfe unfounded.Odysseus listens to the prophet but doesn’t react to the news,this tends to mean that people who fall out if kilter with the Greek Society,s hopes,aims and visions should have their words heeded.In one of his journeys,Odysseus meet with the rulers of Phaiakians and they pay homage to his masterly in storytelling.I see Odysseus’ honesty of using purposefully his talent proves to be important.I get the schema of another lesson is profferd ,’honesty is the best gamble when you don’t know whether or not a lie will serve you better.At least you state your case,and if you fail,you can keep your integrity.’This is seen when Odysseus albeit after his story telling is honored with a good send-off in a water craft.There is the encouragement of hoping against hope and self-motivation.When the orgre comes and claims two men day after day,Odysseus doesn’t lose hope of defeating it,he takes time to come up with a scheme and he eventually burn its one eye.The Greek society is taught by the ode to always be cunning. Another astonishing lesson that I is not to be promiscuous or philanderers as it is portrayed by Odysseus’ wife( while Odysseus is free to have sex out of wedlock, Penelope is a decently upright person as she lets the aspiring suitors sleep in palace but basically because he doesn’t have the strength to shoo them off). Even though Odysseus is conscious of the fact that he will eventually go back to his motherland ,he goes on to the point of sleeping with Kalypso and he does not reveal to her that he has got a wife back at home “makes a careful replies, flattening the goddess while simply saying that he ‘longs[s] for home, long[s] for the sight of home”(229).There is this perspective that I get ’ you should not wear your heart on your sleeve for everyone to see.’Again,there is the part where a certain princess, lures and charms Odysseus in such a way that he is undecided whether to go home or stay. ‘In the story ,there is another lesson that I learnt ,justice.Penelope,Odysseus legally wedded wife, that she will marry the only p[person who can twine Odysseus bow and discharge it through a dozen heads, because she knows that the only person who is justified to have her can pull the fete. During the time that the gang that of one of the suitors gangs up against Odysseus and his family, there is a god who stops the blood shed among the two rivals, I get this deduction: we should discourage violence. I see the flamboyant hint of the ups and downs- sorrows and joys- of married spouses by the aforementioned tragedies that Odysseus’ encounter…the beautiful princess that Odysseus encounters and on his wife’s side the many suitors that had the nerve to camp at her house because her husband had been absent for too long a time. Another lesson that I think that is vividly and kindly proffered is the important role of men in fighting and bravely taking care of (dealing) with dangerous and destructive impulse while in the same time being given credit to their impeccable contribution in the society ( Odysseus takes part in the Trojan War.) I figure out that there is another lesson that is being passed to us; people should be patient as it is exhibited by Odysseus: many days have passed ever since the last time that he was home. I vividly make out the Odysseus story that women should not be spouses or polyandry. Penelope, Odysseus overcomes the pressing and constant nagging of the many suitors that want to woo her in marriage. If it were to be a spouse of a person in the modern times, she would blow the marriage vows to smithereens.Polyandry, is the act of one woman marrying more than one husband. Penelope could have chosen to marry one of the suitors and at the same time claim to be married to her first husband but she did none of that. I figure out for myself the indiscriminative administrative of justice when Penelope puts all the tests, even including her husband himself even though she sees a little similarity between the self-claimed beggar and her husband who is said to have died. As the story comes to a close, there is a thug group of the relatives of the suitors who had ganged up against Odysseus because he had killed the other suitors. The suitors were not only hostile to Penelope, but also were also basking on Odysseus’ wealth. Eventually, Odysseus killed them allying short; it was tit for tat, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. During the heated commotion, it is Odysseus’ old and ailing father whom he had gone to visit that killed the leader of the gang. In my view, we should not underrate people just because they are old or are disabled…Anyway isn’t it said that disability is not inability?

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