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The Power of Vaccines

The Power of Vaccines
All Children Should Be vaccinated Including School Age Kids
The Importance of Vaccine
Vaccination is meant to prevent individuals from getting the disease they have been vaccinated against. It is crucial to for parents to take their kids for vaccination including school going children since they interact with other children in school this interaction poses a risk since the children suffering from an infectious disease can easily pass it to others who are healthy. Research has shown that children who are immunized are less likely to suffer from a disease as compare to those who are not immunized. For instance, measles is an immunizable disease this is both very infectious and very fatal. Children who are immunized against it have been found to suffer a mild condition of measles or not suffer any at all. On the contrary, those who are never immunized have a very high probability of dying from measles.
According to WHO measles killed 164,000 people in 2008. Parents need to utilize the vaccine since it has been made available to reduce number of deaths which occur due to measles. Before the vaccine was invented, the number of deaths resulting from measles was high and this should not be the case anymore since a solution has been found. According to Paul Offit, before the vaccine was introduced, 3.5 million Americans were able to suffer from measles each year, 100,000 individuals were admitted or treated as outpatients in the hospitals due to measles and between 3000 to 5000 individuals died from measles. This was happening when the vaccine was not available and should not happen anymore.
Many parents are regretting due to their failure to take their children for vaccination which resulted to death of their children. Diseases lead to a lot of suffering to our children and the only way this can be prevented is through immunization. Measles is not the only disease which can be vaccinated. Other diseases like mumps, whooping cough Hib can also be vaccinated. Most of parents have confessed that they willing decide for their children to miss or delay vaccines. However, the parents of vaccine era have not seen the terrifying diseases which parents of non vaccine era experienced. Parents only take the small children for immunization and ignore the school age children. The school age children are in a great risk just like the small children this is because they are exposed to much congestion, infections and stay in environments which are contaminated by disease causing bacteria and other microorganisms.
Take our children for immunization, safe their life. Vaccination is the key to health leaving and is a basic need not just a luxury.
Website to Access Information
Individuals can access more information and share their ideas on
How to Promote the Information
In order for the advert to parents, social marketing will be considered. This information will be made available in mostly accessed network places like Facebook, and twitter. Addition to this, information will be made available through bills and receipts. Since parents have to be persuaded to take their children for vaccination, church meetings will be taken as the opportunity to promote it. In addition, social events and official meetings like barazas will be used to pass the massage. Experts will also be interviewed and their interviews send to the media. Also these experts will be invited in the community through social events and parents’ meetings in schools, churches and in different events to talk to parents. Opportunities will also be taken to promote the vaccination when politicians visit the area or any other influential person having a meeting with the parents.
It will also be aired on televisions during times when many people are likely to be watching. Brochures will be distributed to parents from different points like in supermarkets, health centers, local shops, and bus stops. In addition to these, this information will also be made available to parents through children. This is by distributing brochures to pupils at school to take to their parents. Posters will also be put at various strategic places which are accessible to many parents. The posters will be attractively designed and written in such a way that they attract readers even from far.
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