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The one thing that matters is the effortlessly

The one thing that matters is the effort” (Antoine de Sainte-Exupery).
Currently I am a high school junior and I have an aspiration of continuing my education to college-level. I know that college education is relatively hard compared to high school education. However, because mighty oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure, I know the longterm benefits that joining college will have. Born in America, I was bred there till I was circa 2 years old. From that age, I relocated to India, enrolled at elementary school and studied there until when I was a 7th grader. I that period that I was studying in India, I put effort in my education.
However, yet again, my parents and I relocated to America where I completed the rest of the grades and joined high school.
As the quote aptly puts it, effort is the key to succeeding in whatever we aim to achieve because lack of it or its level can influence the outcome. Aspirations without putting effort in realizing is not enough. This implies that aspirations are empty and useless if the one aspiring is putting no effort in its visualization.
Generally, putting efforts in our activities is one of the key factors that guarantee success. Some people put more effort than others and it maybe the reason why some people are said to have accomplished something effortlessly. However, such statements belie the actual input made to accomplish it and therefore, ill-perceived. Specifically for me, putting effort in whatever I do is seared in my mind like a brand. Therefore, I hold testimony to the fruits of effort: literally and figuratively, effort is the gateway to success.
There is a unique characteristic that defines some Asia cultures, and specifically India. India has polychronic cultures while America has a monochronic. The polychronicity of Indians is seen in their tendency to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Even though it contrasts with American monochronicity, extracurricular activities cannot be measured on that. However, the time that I spent in India prepared me to handle activities concurrently. I also learned how to equate efforts in activities running concurrently. Therefore, I cannot substitute my ambition of playing tennis for education and vice versa and as the age-old adage soberly pipes it, hard work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I have managed to schedule time to play tennis after classes, playing with the same enthusiasm and effort that I put in education. One can make a career from either of the two.
To cap it all, my parents had the ability to enroll me in a prestigious high school, St. Joseph High School. The high school does not only offer quality education, but is also equipped with state of the art games facilities and experienced games teachers. A teacher’s efforts in teaching a student comprises a third while the student’s efforts comprises two-thirds. Not only does this maxim apply in the classroom, but also at the field, such as the tennis pitch. This is the case in my current education institution. The high-quality equipment and the cutting-edge instructions from the instructors, though by a dint of great efforts, I gain knowledge with a relative easiness In both of the field, I strive hard in equal measure. Who knows, my bright future could be vested in either or the two of them.

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