The Mayo Clinic
Mayo clinic’s mission is to put the needs of the patient first, and they believe it is best accomplished within healthy, welcoming and thriving communities. To deliver on their belief, Mayo Clinic collaborates with the public, private and the non profitable organizations to sustain and enhance the communities where their employees work. Their community impact goals include reaching out to underserved communities and diverse populations, connecting patients to more resources, spreading their medical expertise and research findings to meet needs throughout the world and actively participating in national health care reforms. They provide solutions and hope for patients. Patients are treated with respect in Mayo Clinic; they are given high quality, affordable and compassionate care.
The Kenyatta National hospital
Kenyatta hospital’s mission is to be a world class referral hospital in the provision of innovative and specialized health care. In the spirit of their mission they have initiated the process of ISO certification as part of their quest to maximize quality and efficiency. They will equally repeat their promises to customers to meet their expectations in order to maintain public confidence and to establish a sustainable, mutual and beneficial relationship. They reassure patients’ efficiency, reliability and sustainable improvement of services that meet and exceed their expectations. They would also like to adopt a quality management system that recognizes the importance of patients in contributing to decisions that impact positively to the provision of a patient’s healthcare. They believe in partnerships because they are important relations that will maintain their knot firm and strong. This is because the presences of scarcity, diversity of skills, knowledge and resources within the increasing demand for quality specialized healthcare services, the most economical means of satisfying these needs is through public and private access points.
The two hospitals both have the interest of the patients at heart and would like to offer only the best to their patients at an affordable price.
They both believe in partnering and collaborations with the public, private and the non profitable organizations in order to sustain and enhance the community.
Mayo clinic has branches all over the place whereas Kenyatta hospital does not have many branches which make it difficult to access for patients who leave far and are in need of quality treatment.
Mayo Clinic has established schools that teach medicine and scientific education but Kenyatta hospital has not.
Mayo has online services for patients which are an easier way to access medical facilities and they also have the needed equipments to treat certain serious ailments while Kenyatta does not.
In conclusion Mayo clinic is a well established centre that renders nothing but the best to their patients, their concentration is only for the interest of their patients. They have established good facilities that meet the patients’ interests and they use up to date technology. Kenyatta National Hospital is also concerned with their patients’ well being but it does not have the standard that Mayo Clinic has and most of the equipments needed to save lives.


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The Mayo clinic has been built as one of the most powerful services brands on its firmly held belief and focus on the experience of the patient. As one staff member explained “People don’t come to the hospital alone”.

Once you have read the vignette, visit the Mayo site at
Review this site to see the types of services offered.

Then choose another hospital (local or otherwise) and compare its services offered to those offered by the Mayo Clinic. You might review the hospital’s mission statement, beliefs and patient right policies, if available.

Write a one page report, comparing your chosen hospital to the Mayo Clinic. Do you think your hospital is as focused on service as the Mayo Clinic? Your report should discuss the similarities and differences of the two hospitals and give your opinion as to whether the hospitals focus is as it should

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