The IT Project Management Software Tool that I will use in My IT Project is:

The IT Project Management Software Tool that I will use in My IT Project is:
Project desk is an online project and task management tool which provides a practical workspace to facilitate effective communication between team members. It helps one to share information and work jointly on projects and efficiently use all available resources. It improves communication between employees spread across the globe and enables you and your partners to bring new products in the market in record time and on shoe string budgets.
Features of project desk:
 Automated emailing; it has a fully automated email system that performs minor tasks such as sending appropriate emails to project members when required, which ensures that your free to contemplate on the core project management functions.
 Document sharing; team members can upload file documents related to a certain project. The files documents section shows you the related documents that users may have posted for your review. You can also search for a file document by name.
 Task tracing; it has a highly refined built in tracking system that monitors tasks given to team members and alerts you if a task is due, which prevents a small problem from being a bigger one.
 Project reports; project desk gives you a complete project report for all your active projects, tasks that are pending or completed, members of each project along with the task each member has. It also shows the space occupied on your project desk account by the files uploaded by members. It even lets you generate your own custom reports based on the information required.
Reasons for using Project desk:
 For cost effectiveness; as businesses become more international, project members seem to be located in different areas of the globe and business travel costs are high. This application is designed to bring all teams and information together in an organized workplace and cut on costs.
 Enhances communication; it improves communication between employees, instead of using an email as a way of communicating; people located across the globe or down the hall can communicate directly.
 Access to talent from across the globe; it can be used by members all over the world and so it becomes easy to recognize skills and talents from all over.
 Better team management; it allows you to manage your project teams from everywhere, anytime. Makes it easy to supervise teams that could be spread all over the world.
Project management is all about communication and Basecamp is focused on making communication clear and easier.
Reasons for using Basecamp;
 It’s easy to respond to any message; it encourages team and client discussion, so you can easily add your comments to any message
 No more messy emails, instead of scattering emails all over the place you can use Basecamp message boards to keep all discussions about a project in one centralized location.
 Its best friends with email, it can notify other people on your team via email whenever anyone posts a new message.
 You can easily share files, document, images, and designs with your clients or teams.
 Schedule project milestones; you can easily keep track of what is due, when it is due and who is responsible for getting it done.
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